Steal the Style: Luxe Airbnbs Around the World

It's no secret that we Jetsetters have an affinity for centerfold-worthy hotel rooms. That said, we also love a great luxury vacation rental, where the design-forward interiors are a little more attainable—kind of like your most fashionable friend’s apartment. From Austin to Bali, we found five gorgeous Airbnbs whose style you can bring home.

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Barcelona, Spain

While you can’t make a turn-of-the-century vaulted brick ceiling materialize with an overnight order from Amazon, you can replicate many of this Barcelona pad’s chic elements. Whether your apartment is actually in the bohemian El Raval neighborhood or halfway across the world in Seattle, start with the essentials: a velvet sofa, an industrial coffee table, mid-century chairs, and a sleek cube bookshelf. From there, it’s all about layering simplistic details: potted plants, stark white pillows, and lots of mirrors.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Parquet floors and wood-paneled walls add lots of character to this city loft, but you can capture the atmosphere of the art-filled space just as well without. Try your hand at a gallery wall, but instead of bold prints or tongue-in-cheek sayings, go for a collection of Victorian-esque gilded frames, mirrors, and reproductions of famous portraits. Built-in bookshelves would also ease your apartment’s transformation, but if that’s not in the cards, showcase your collection in a freestanding shelf and on coffee tables around the living room.

Cape Town, South Africa

If there’s one thing this breezy Airbnb offers in spades, it’s lots of airy space and natural light. Whether or not you have the same sea-facing courtyard (we’re going to assume not), you can capitalize on breeziness with the right palette and subtly nautical yet earthy furnishings. Slap a fresh coat of white paint on your walls and add in a rattan lounge chair, floating shelves, and a jute pendant light, and you’re well on your way to creating your own Cape Town retreat.

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Bali, Indonesia

Looking to live in a Bali bungalow-inspired space like this Kuta Utara Airbnb? Morphing your home into a bohemian villa is actually easier than you might expect. Start with natural elements like a woven gmelina wood wardrobe, crochet-accented baskets, and wicker pendant lights. From there, it’s all about highly textured details: a tufted quilt, knotted hanging chair, and tasseled pillows, for starters.

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Austin, Texas

Hip, relaxed accents are the backbone of this downtown Austin domain. If you’re looking to turn your apartment into a slice of the same, you’re in luck, because you won’t have any architectural elements to contend with. Rather, it’s all about classic furnishings (a buttery leather sofa, a plush reading chair) and cozy background features (patterned throw pillows, mesh wire baskets, and wall banners). No time in your schedule for Texas? Make these updates and they’ll hold you till your next trip.

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