Steal This Style: Oaxaca, Mexico

On a recent trip to Mexico, JS Photo Director Gretchen Moosbrugger fell hard for Oaxaca—its creative spirit, dedication to artisanal craft, and love for simple, sculptural aesthetics. Here, she shares how to bring a little bit of Oaxacan-inspired design into your home.

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Studio Xaquixe Glasses, handmade drinking glasses from oaxaca with bubbles in them

Studio Xaquixe Glasses

I was thrilled to find these natural glass tumblers. The Xaquixe Glass Studio makes each one by hand from recycled glass, in variations in shape and color. They are truly one of a kind.

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Hand Woven Wool Rug

Even if you can’t swing a trip to Teotitlán del Valle, the Oaxacan village known for its woven textiles, you can still buy one of their beautiful handmade rugs. I love this one done in a traditional Zapotec style.

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Black Clay Salad Plate, Set of 4, barro nergro plate from Oaxaca

Black Clay Plate

The handmade pottery in Oaxaca is incredible. This barro negro, or black clay, occurs naturally in the region and is usually shaped on a hand wheel. It’s one of the best ways to bring a little piece of Oaxaca into your home.

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oaxaca mexcal glasses, votive candle holder, with a cross on the bottom

Mezcal Glasses

If you want some authentic glasses in which to sip your mezcal, look no further. These were originally used to hold prayer candles in churches and cemeteries and each one has a symbol of the cross on the base.

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Large Wooden Tray

Large Wooden Tray

High end and trendy restaurants like Criollo and Boulenc embrace the local materials and natural colors of Oaxaca. This wooden tray is similar to the type of plate you might eat on while there. 

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Hand-Crafted Candles

You can find hand-dipped candles like these in almost any market; they’re a simple and cozy way to bring a bit of Oaxaca into your home.

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Sycamore Wool Throw

Sycamore Wool Throw

This hand-loomed wool and silk throw is reminiscent of the stunning blankets and table cloths that artisans are weaving in Teotitlán del Valle.

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Barro Negro Decorative Hand

Barro Negro Decorative Hand

This decorative ceramic barro negro hand is a beautiful example of the intricate hand carving so common in Oaxaca.

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Pilar Teapot, barro rojo, oaxaca, red clay

Pilar Teapot

If you're looking for a Oaxacan-inspired item for your kitchen, this red clay (barro rojo) teapot is the perfect pick—and as pretty as it is functional.

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Large Braided Storage Basket

Braided Storage Basket

Woven straw baskets like this are common in Oaxaca’s markets. They’re simple and stylish enough to use for storage in the home or as a tote bag for your weekly farmer’s market run.

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Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover

Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover

While Oaxacan design is known for its neutrals and earth tones, the region has no shortage of color. Walk down Benito Juárez Avenue in Teotitlán and you'll view eye-popping rugs, blankets, pillows, and clothing. This woven pillow reminds me of the simple yet striking patterns you can see there. 

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