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11 Podcasts We Can't Stop Listening To Right Now

Between binge-watching your favorite sitcom, digging into that three-part book trilogy, and defending your reign in Scrabble, it might be time to add some new human voices to the mix. From spooky folk tales to TED talks to celeb gossip, these 11 podcasts are equal parts engaging, informative, hilarious, and—dare we say it—as addictive as Netflix.

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Even the Rich

A juicy, lighthearted series that discusses great dynasties—the Murdochs, the Kardashians, the British royal family—and their wacky, crazy, real-life family rules…and dramas. Up first: a timely four-part discussion about Meghan Markle’s rise to duchess-dom and subsequent Megxit.

 How I Built This with Guy Raz

Ever wonder about the money, power, and drive that turned your favorite companies into phenomenons? NPR journalist Guy Raz digs into the origin stories behind some of America’s biggest brands—Lululemon Athletica, Ben & Jerry’s, Pita Chips, Panera Bread (okay, mostly food)—and lets the actual founders weigh in on their failures before their success.

Who? Weekly

Who? Weekly’s tagline—“Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t”—gets to the meat of it, but it takes a real listen to learn that this bi-weekly podcast is so much more. We love the co-hosts’ sassy, witty digests of D-list celebs and their devoted tabloids, but not as much as their Friday “helpline” episodes, when they’ve answered calls from drunk fans and even Lena Dunham.

The Beauty Closet

What’s the secret to sleek, silky hair? Dewy skin that lasts all day long? Acne treatments that actually work? Two Goop editors answer all your burning beauty questions with the expert help of makeup artists, hairstylists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and even Gwyneth Paltrow herself.

We Met at Acme

Millennial dating in New York City is not for the weak. If you’re currently (or have ever been) on the market in a city that’s as tough to find love in as it is to pay rent, tune in. Native New Yorker Lindsey Metselaar tackles topics both topical and taboo—Dating app etiquette! STDs! First-date sex!—with the help of a menagerie of guests ranging from therapists to porn stars.

The Unofficial Expert

In this laugh-out-loud series, comedic duo Marie Faustin and Sydnee Washington team up to grill guests—mostly other comedians—on topics they claim to be experts of. A few notable tracks: “Sex and the City Expert” with Melissa Stokoski, “The Weed Expert” with Dewayne Perkins, and “The Housewives Expert” with Seek treatment podcast co-host Pat Regan.

Crime Junkie

This is one of the best true-crime podcasts out there right now. Each episode (sometimes two) covers news stories related to a single case that may involve an unsolved murder, missing persons, serial killers, and the like. Aside from the actual stories, which are intriguing in themselves, Crime Junkie is a home run when it comes to sheer storytelling.

Reply All

There’s no way around this incredible and, at times, worrying reality: life right now revolves around the internet. Episodes of Reply All explore stories about people and the ways the internet acts in their lives—for better, for worse. If you listen to only a single episode, make it “The Case of the Missing Hit.”

TED Talks Daily

Need something to look forward to every weekday? Monday through Friday, TED Talks Daily releases a new 15-minute to hour-long audio clip taken from one of their lauded expert-led discussions. In the time it might take to brew your morning coffee, you can learn about everything from climate change to gender roles to side hustles to bees.

Office Ladies

Lovers of The Office, unite! This lighthearted new podcast comes from former co-stars (and besties) Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela). Each show centers around a single episode, in order, as the two re-watch and then recount behind-the-scenes stories, little-known facts, and personal memories. For true fans, it gives new life to one of Netflix’s most popular shows.


Ghost sightings, haunted houses, poltergeists, cemeteries—listening to this non-fiction podcast, which focuses on myths, legends, and folklore based in historic fact, has been likened to hearing stories be told by a campfire.

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