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Why Winter is the Best Season

Sure, spring has lush flowers, summer brings the sun, and fall follows with epic foliage, but the unsung seasonal hero is totally winter. To all the cold-fearing naysayers, here are 9 reasons why we can't wait for snow.

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Guilt-Free QT Indoors

Come spring and summer, when the weather’s gorgeous and al fresco brunch is on the table, clearly, we’ve got an obligation to leave our beds and embrace the great outdoors. But once temps drop and merely venturing out has our eyes watering, we’ve got a hall pass to hole up indoors – preferably in a cozy New England country inn or a plush ski chalet. Luckily, we’ve also got a laundry list of holiday TV episodes and feel-good movies we’ve been patiently sitting on since last December to fill up our downtime. Queue up those Peanuts specials and order room service stat!

Winter Fashion (AKA Layering to Your Heart’s Content)

Infinity scarves, chunky-knit sweaters, knee-high boots, and long wool coats, ohhh yes. Winter is just an excuse to dress in your most comfortable clothes, i.e. that sweater dress that’s totally just a blanket with arm holes and – in the privacy of your own home (please) – even…Uggs.

Snow, Beautiful Snow

Duh, this was obviously going to land a top spot on our list. But still, it bears being said: Whether you love or hate snow on its most base level, you have to admit that a fresh coat of winter white is objectively gorgeous. Even an NYC garbage-lined street takes on new appeal after a good dusting.

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Winter Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

Year-round my office companions and I are on a coffee, coffee, coffee kick, but when winter hits, seasonal beverages are the shot heard round the world. And no, I’m not just talking the syrup-y lattes at Starbucks, but those artisanal cups being poured at tiny joints across town. Think Lavender Hot Chocolate at Maman, the Rosemary Ginger Molasses Latte at Rose Park Roasters, and the Christmas Cookie Cappuccino at Makai. On days when you’re trudging to work through astonishingly deep puddles of slush or precariously driving through heavy snow you more than deserve a $5 toasty treat.

Winter Drinks (Très Alcoholic)

Whether we’re at home concocting a 2 parts rum, 1 part egg nog nightcap, or hitting the bar for a Gingerbread Old Fashioned or Hot Scotch Chocolate, season-specific libations warm us to our core. Plus family parties are always far more bearable when mulled wine or Irish coffee is involved.

Wacky Winter Sports

Sure, you’ve got your typical ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding, but winter also brings with it a plethora of super weird, super fun sports. Among the most innovative? Shovel racing, outhouse racing (yes, really), and my personal favorite – skijoring – where you sport a pair of skis and hitch yourself to the back of a horse.

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24/7 Holiday Festivities

Following Thanksgiving, winter holidays roll out in domino effect. That means bundling up for parades, dressing to the nines (or in your ugliest sweater) for parties, decorating trees, lighting menorahs, shopping for gifts, and setting new PRs when it comes to food intake. Let’s be real – if we had this many holidays in succession the rest of the year, our bodies simply couldn’t handle it.

Comfort Food Galore

Winter weight is a sign of a snowy season done right – plain and simple. We harbor no shame in gaining a couple of pounds when holiday after holiday presents us with a months-long buffets of our favorite foods. Plus, hibernation is inevitable once you’ve eaten your body weight in Grandma’s sweet potato casserole, mac n’ cheese, and 12 varieties of pie. Until the clock strikes January 2nd, we’ll gladly give in to all holiday vices.

Keeping Cozy in Front of a Fire

One thing winter certainly has over summer? You can easily make yourself warmer, while it’s much harder to cool yourself down. You can layer, throw on a Snuggie (it’s ok to admit you have one…), plug in that heated blanket you always forget you own, park your butt in front of a toasty fire, or all the above! And if you’re doing it right – or at least hanging with the right crowd – where there’s a fire there’s certainly s’mores.

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