Fluffy Maltese dog lying on bed in bedroom in the morning, with opened snout

18 Quarantine Pet Memes We Can't Get Enough Of

Covid's got the gang stuck at home, much to our furry friends' delight—or disgust (we're looking at you, felines!). To all the pet owners and animal lovers out there, these quarantine memes are just for you.

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Don’t forget the eggs, honey!

Got to put in that nine to five.

I’m sorry, were you working on something?

I’m going to need that Meow Mix in my bowl by the end of the day.

At least, we hope their thoughts are more sophisticated than just “Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!”

Let’s face it—the cat always wins.

Make it rain!

He’s willing to bargain.

Second breakfasts are a thing now.

Monday: Human is home! Best day ever! Tuesday: Human is home! Best day ever!

Watch to the end—it’s worth it.

“Sorry, my camera isn’t working for some reason…”

Works every time.



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