Weatherman umbrella on a rainy day

This Is the Only Umbrella I’ll Ever Use Again

Style + Travel Editor Jackie Homan finally found a compact umbrella that checks all the boxes.

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I’ve never been much of an umbrella person. Give me some rain boots and a water-repellent jacket with a hood, and I’ll brave the storm. I think that’s because, until recently, I’d never found a quality umbrella that holds up.

I’ll admit that maybe that’s because I’d been looking in the wrong places. Did I really expect that flimsy $10 one picked up at the bodega in a downpour emergency to not flip inside out with a single gust of wind? Did I actually think an umbrella chosen for aesthetics (an adorable floral print!) would provide more than a cute addition to my rainy day outfit? Probably not—but convenience and style won out. 

It wasn’t until I found the Weatherman Umbrella that it dawned on me that I could do better. My umbrella could do better. 

Sure, the Weatherman isn’t as cutesy as some on the market—but it’s sleek enough, simple and available in an array of solid colors. And its benefits far outweigh its average looks. The Teflon-coated fabric feels more luxurious than the umbrellas I’d tried before. The fiberglass structure feels heavy-duty, but not heavy-weight. I could immediately sense that it’d be durable and strong. The Weatherman website told me that it had specially designed canopies to withstand winds (up to 55 mph!)—the enemy of all other umbrellas.

When I took the Weatherman onto the New York City streets amid what looked like a disaster outside, I hoped the umbrella would live up to my hopes. The stakes were high—I’d gotten a blowout the day before, and I wanted to keep it intact as long as possible. To my delight, the little umbrella pulled through. It didn’t flop around in the wind; it didn’t have any issues auto-opening or retracting. I know it sounds like my bar was low, but really, so many umbrellas are so bad!

I’ve been using the Weatherman for a few months now, and it’s as excellent as ever. Lightweight and quick-drying, it’s accompanied me on trips overseas and strolls around my own neighborhood. I still love walking out with only a raincoat for light drizzles, but now, I’ll tote along the umbrella in case the clouds darken—I know it can weather the storm.

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