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How to Look Like the Most Stylish Woman in the Airport

You know her when you see her—that woman who struts across the airport and glows on the plane, looking as stylish as can be, despite the chaos around her. So how does she pull it off? We examined hundreds of those ladies to figure out her wardrobe essentials. Here, 10 things she never leaves home without. 

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Sleek headphones

A chic airport woman is never listening to the stress-inducing sounds of flight delay announcements and screaming children. Nope, she’s tuning out the chaos with cool wireless headphones (like these from Anthropologie). Whether she’s got on a meditation podcast or is blasting Ariana Grande, that we’ll never know.

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Matching luggage set

Mismatched bags? No way. This woman’s rocking a coordinated 3-piece luggage set, and you bet they’ve all got easy-rolling spinner wheels.

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Tinted lip balm

You’ve probably noticed that the more makeup you put on before travel, the worse it often looks at the end of the day—you can blame that on the dry cabin air and lack of hydration. Instead of a fully-foundationed face and bright lipstick, the chicest travelers keep it simple with a moisturizing tinted lip balm. Kosas adds color without overwhelming a no-makeup look.

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Travel dress

While you sit in your wrinkled and rumpled cotton tee, Chic Airport Woman’s clothing looks like it just got back from the dry cleaner—even after a five-hour flight. You can count on Everlane’s wrinkle-resistant Japanese GoWeave material to deliver those results. This short-sleeve wrap dress is totally on-trend too (and the black color hides any turbulence-induced drink spills).

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Slip-on shoes

You won’t catch this fancy lady fussing with shoelaces or heel straps getting through the security line. Instead, she’s got elegant (yet comfy-as-can-be) Birdies slip-ons to keep her pain-free and polished.

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Smoothing hair product

Frizz on flights? Not for this gal. She’s equipped with a tiny TSA-approved trick in her pocket—a smoothing hair balm, designed to keep her perfectly-tousled hair tame from takeoff to landing.

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Cashmere wrap

When your fashionable flight-goer gets chilly on the plane, she needn’t worry. That’s where her cashmere wrap comes in. This silky one by Eileen Fisher is super lightweight, yet impressively warm.

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Refreshing face mist

While you can feel your skin getting flakier by the minute, your seatmate is spritzing away with her refreshing face mist. Take her cue and bring along Aesop’s Immediate Moisture spray next time; its 2-oz size was made for your carry-on liquids bag.

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Sleep mask

When she wants to catch some Z’s, Chic Airport Woman whips out her stylish sleep mask. Something classy yet cheeky, like Morgan Lane’s 100% silk counting sheep pick, above.

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Carryall tote

And how does she fit all these essentials on board, you ask? With her roomy carryall tote. Cuyana’s is just the right size, features top handles and a crossbody strap, and can be monogrammed for ultimate personalization. And that’s all it takes. Someone call for a status upgrade—we’ve got some new suave travelers in town.

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