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5 Super Affordable Jet Lag Remedies on Amazon

Some people are gifted when it comes to falling asleep in places that aren’t their own bed. Others? Not so much. Throw air travel into the mix, and our natural circadian rhythms are thrown for a real loop. In the name of a normal sleep pattern (in the air and on the ground), we dug up 5 super affordable jet lag remedies that have been approved en masse by Amazon reviewers around the world.

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JetZone Jet Lag Prevention

Temporarily block jet lag’s nasty side effects—insomnia, all around exhaustion, irritability, headaches, restlessness—with JetZone. The FDA-regulated chewable tabs were developed by a homeopathic MD, and a pack of 30 is enough to cover 48 hours of traveling.

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1Above Anti Jet Lag

This anti-jet lag drink made industry headlines when it first debuted. A powerful blend of electrolytes, grapeflo (a blend of circulation-supporting polyphenol extracts, like those found in red wine), B and C vitamins, and Pycnogenol (natural pink bark), the drink helps to ease grogginess and support immune health.

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Benevolent Nourishment Liquid Melatonin

All-natural raspberry and vanilla flavored liquid is the way to go when you’re considering melatonin. Faster acting than pill or tablet alternatives, the dietary supplement is proven to regulate your internal clock and knock you out gently. Thirty minutes before you’re ready to sleep, just take 30 drops (about 2 half-full droppers) worth of the formula and you’re good to go.

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No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Flight Fatigue Remedy

If your goal isn’t necessarily to sleep, but to prevent following-day fatigue, No-Jet-Lag is a great option. The homeopathic remedy (active herbal ingredients include arnica and chamomile) comes with 32 tablets—enough to keep you clear-headed and insomnia-free for 50 hours of flying. Chew one up before take-off, another every two hours (unless you fall asleep), and one final one at landing and you’ll be sitting pretty for a day of exploration in your chosen destination.

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Viva Naturals French Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil has been killing the game for thousands of years, helping to heal everything from burns, cuts, and insect bites, to nosebleeds, anxiety, guessed it: insomnia! Put a drop or so of the calming essential oil on a cotton ball and inhale to help ease into slumber. If that doesn't quite do it, you can also dilute it and massage a few drops into your temples, wrists, and feet, and/or sprinkle a bit on your pillow.

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