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What JS Editors Wear When They Fly

Travel isn't always pretty—especially when you consider hours spent waiting in airport security lines and packed like cattle into economy class. Over the years, the JS crew has figured out ways to ease the pain of air travel, though. From cozy sweatpants to hot eye masks, these are the creature comforts we always fly with.

A Brooklyn-based writer and editor, Chelsea's work has appeared in Matador Network, The Huffington Post, the TripAdvisor blog, and more. When not planning her next trip, you'll usually find her drinking way too much iced coffee (always iced—she’s from New England) or bingeing a Netflix original series.

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Wearing makeup on a long flight is a one-way ticket to dried-out skin and puffy eyes. My quickest solution for still looking put together post-flight is with a pair of wear-with-anything chunky black frames that hide my face but still look fashionable. Another plus: for light sleepers, the dark lenses help block out all that background lighting—not to mention help your eyes readjust after your seatmate lifts the window shade.

- Lindsey Olander, Editor

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Oversized Coat

I always dress in layers for a flight, that way I’m prepared for a range of temperatures. My go to is my oversized Isabel Marant coat, this investment piece has saved me on many chilly flights, it’s easy to dress up or down once you reach your destination, and let’s face it, the more you wear on your body, the less you have to jam into your suitcase.

- Gretchen Moosbrugger, Photo Editor

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Light Backpack

I hate feeling like a bag lady at the airport, so I always pack my purse in my luggage and just go with a backpack. I'm partial to Fjällräven's Kanken as it's super lightweight and pretty damn cute, with plenty of room for my laptop, a book, my wallet, passport, and other miscellaneous items I ultimately don't need. Since it's made of really thin (but sturdy) vinyl, it's also easy to shove under seats and in overhead bins.

- Chelsea Stuart, Assistant Editor

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Stylish Sweats

I’m way too tall for most airplane seats, so wearing jeans on a flight is out of the question. Instead, I opt for a great pair of sweatpants that aren’t as restrictive. This slim cut pair from Todd Snyder + Champion are the perfect mix of comfort and style, so I still look great once I’m off the plane.

- David Hattan, Photo Editor Intern

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Cashmere Wrap

There's nothing worse than being cold on an airplane, and I've bought my share of synthetic travel blankets and scratchy sweaters over the years. Recently, I treated myself to a cashmere wrap for the ultimate in comfort, warmth, and luxury.

- Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

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Cozy Sweater

I’m always cold on planes, so having a cozy sweater that can double as a blanket or pillow is essential. Extra points if it is hooded and still stylish, like this Barefoot Dreams hooded cardigan (I love the burgundy color for fall).

- Kelsey Blodget, Senior Executive Editor

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Hot Eye Mask

I'm absolutely hooked 0n these individually wrapped hot eye masks. Whenever I have a flight coming up, long or short, I always pack a couple in my carry-on. They heat up to a tolerable degree and instantly manage to distract you from the fact that you're actually stuck on an aircraft. They come in a variety of scents—lavender-sage, chamomile-ginger, yuzu, and fresh-rose, but the most best one (in my opinion) is unscented.

- Anita Ng, Photo Editor

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