Style File: Talking Fall Fashion With JS Style Correspondent Saman Westberg

Need to up your style game for fall? JS style correspondent Saman Westberg shares her fall fashion tips, from the trends she's loving now to her favorite shade of red lipstick to splurge-worthy shoes she can't live without.

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1) How would you describe your personal style?

Day to day, I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl—and I love a good button-down. I tend to stick to neutral palettes and lean toward menswear-inspired piece. I usually round out my outfit with great boots and a solid jacket. All this isn’t to say I don’t love to gussy up in a great dress when the occasion calls for it!

2) What are the top trends you’re loving for fall?

I’m loving fluid midi dresses paired with tall boots. There’s an elegance to the silhouette, and something both incredibly feminine and powerful in the combination. It has a 70s chicness to it. Here are a couple that I have my eye on:


I’m totally on board with the season’s Western-influence (not a big stretch since denim and boots are totally in my wheelhouse), and I’m also still digging prairie blouses. They might seem seasonally inappropriate, but stick a high neck option under a jacket or cardigan and I’ll be good to go.



3) In your opinion, what’s the biggest fashion mistake women make?

Wearing multiple trends or too many accessories at once can be distracting.  I’m also always surprised at the number of toes I see on display in colder weather – there comes a point when the sandals just need to be put away! It probably goes without saying, but polyester is a big no-no (as well as most other synthetic materials), and will cheapen any look. And I’m so tired of seeing everyone in workout gear all day. But that’s just me!


4) I love a solid red lipstick. If you could choose one shade and brand to buy, which would it be?

I’ve always been a smoky eye person, so I’m a relatively recent convert to red lipstick. But I’ve fully embraced it—a swipe of red does wonders to brighten my face and help me look put together, and with such minimal effort.

There’s been a lot of trial and error, but Saint Red by Lipstick Queen is my go-to now. It’s quite sheer and perfect for daytime. My favorite drugstore find is Revlon’s Ravish Me Red. The lasting power is amazing. I can’t stop wearing it.

5) What’s the one trend you would never wear?

Hmm. Perhaps Neon? I’m also not a fan of the head-to-toe logo look.

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6) Who’s your style icon now, and why?

 I admire  [model, music producer, and Chanel muse] Caroline de Maigret’s style. She’s always effortlessly elegant and understated in a rock n roll-chic kinda way, perfectly at ease in her skin.

I’ve heard her talk about certain pieces in her closet that feel like a second skin, that she always feels both herself and good in- that perfect leather jacket, a wonderful tuxedo-style blazer, perfectly worn in t shirts, jeans (which apparently she owns 50 pairs of!), etc. Plus, having Chanel at your disposal never hurts either. I would be remiss if I didn’t  mention my mother. She has always looked understated, yet so elegant, and I have fully embraced her aesthetic (or I try to, at least!) I trust her taste completely, and to this day, I still get her opinion on all matters style-related.


7) What’s your favorite outfit that you’ve worn this fall?

Since having my daughter 12 months ago, I’ve basically had two pairs of pants on rotation—a pair of men’s cargo pants and a pair of jeans—and no matter the occasion, I made it work. It’s only been recently that I’ve been able to dip back into my closet and pull out old favorites, so at this stage, anything BUT those cargos and jeans is giving me joy. It sounds very boring, but right now, I’m happy wearing my beloved button-downs with high-waisted jeans. I’ve also been pulling a light, unstructured Isabel Marant jacket with zebra print lining that peeks out when I fold up the sleeves. It was a fantastic sample sale find.

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8) What’s your go-to splurge shoe brand, and what’s your steal brand?

I’m not faithful to any one brand. That said, Jimmy Choo always makes a great pair of heels, and I keep circling around a pair of Rag & Bone white chelsea  boots. On the steal side, Frye does great footwear, and I have a good amount of Zara in my closet. You’d be surprised how many compliments I get on them.

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