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First Hotel Set to Open on Newly Discovered Planet!

Forget international travel – within 5 years, you could be vacationing in a solar system far, far away.

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Chances are that if you read/watch the news at all (or at least subscribe to daily theSkimm emails) then you’ve heard that astronomers recently discovered seven new planets in one of the largest solar systems outside our own. What you might not have heard, though, is that plans are already in the works to build a luxury hotel on one of the first three newly discovered planets.

An all-out bidding war has broken out among developers and billionaires (SpaceX’s Elon Musk, Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson, etc.) who are scrambling to secure permits. As unbelievable as it all sounds, researchers say it’s only a matter of time before the planets are cleared as habitable and given the go-ahead for development.

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How could this be? Well, the new solar system is just 40 light-years outside of our own – a short distance, space-wise – and astronomers are confident that six out of the seven Earth-sized planets may be the right temperature and under the right atmospheric conditions for liquid water to exist on their surfaces. It was the mere presence of water – which suggests that the planets could also sustain life – that set off the rat race for instant commercialization.

The hotel plans are already being drawn up, and amenities will include an infinity pool with Milky Way views, a home theater screening all your favorite space-themed films, free intergalactic phone calls, and best of all – private guides to usher guests around the planet on lunar rovers. Due to the exhaustive amount of resources involved creating space hotels, it’s likely the max number of guests will be kept low, so expect a price tag in the millions.

Naturally, there are no direct flights to the planet now, but you can get a taste for space travel with $69 flights to the moon on new budget airline Far-Out.

Make sure to set your Google Alerts to keep up with further developments.

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Happy April Fool’s Day, Jetsetters!

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