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What’s Your Favorite City in the World?

There's something about a great city that gives us a natural high--the palpable creative energy, the boundary-pushing restaurants, the eye-popping architecture, the one-off shops, from the high-end to the low. We all have our favorites. Here, JS editors share 7 that top the list.

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When I visited Marrakesh last year it was love at first sight. It felt exotic and exciting and was so much more beautiful than I expected. I was wide-eyed, taking in the riads in the Medina, the bustling souks with their incredibly photogenic light, the amazing shopping and delicious tagines. Not that you would want to leave Marrakesh, but the city is perfectly located for day trips to the coast in Essaouira or the Atlas Mountains to the east.

– Gretchen Moosbrugger, Photo Editor

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Statue in Musee d’Orsay in Paris France
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It may be a total cliché, but every time I visit Paris, I fall for it just as hard as I did the first time. The city is chock-full of all of my favorite things: pied-a-terre-style boutiques, intimate cafes, amorous alleys and parks, and Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau architecture. I would be happy to spend all my time aimlessly wandering Le Marais, checking out a new museum, or just reading a book along the Seine.

– Chelsea Stuart, Assistant Editor

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Despite not having been back in a few years, I still consider London my second home. While it can’t match the beauty of Stockholm, the energy of New York City, or the drama of Cape Town, London’s got this gritty, raw, historic charm you can’t help but fall for. Free museums, royal residences, aging pubs, Westminster Cathedral, fish and chips, afternoon tea, and, of course, Big Ben—all my great loves in one place. My grandparents grew up and got married in England, so getting to explore their home (“the old country,” as my grandfather calls it) was, for me, as magical and moving as you’d expect.

– Lindsey Olander, Editor

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The first time I went to Barcelona 10 years ago I was blown away--the Gaudi architecture, the restaurants, the nightlife! The city has an unstoppable energy and the people are so friendly. It's truly the perfect city and even has a decent beach, La Barceloneta. I remember my husband and I were drinking champagne and eating tapas at this hole-in-the-wall joint and we decided we were going to retire there. I still plan on it.

– Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

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Kansas City

I’m a born and raised Midwesterner, and even though I live in NYC now, I still have a lot of love for the heartland. My absolute favorite place in the Midwest is Kansas City, which seamlessly blends small town charm and big city hustle and bustle. Every time I go I discover something new from small shops stocked with locally made products (many of which are adorned with a big KC) to inventive restaurants and craft beer bars. No trip to Kansas City is complete without a stop at the Nelson Atkins art museum to get lost in the extensive collections, and a picnic on the lawn next to the iconic Claes Oldenburg Shuttlecock.

– David Hattan, Photo Intern

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Sydney, Australia

I lived in Sydney or 2.5 years and miss the sunshine and good vibes every day. The people are laid-back, the beaches are beautiful, the cliff-walks breathtaking, and there are trendy coffee shops and good brunch spots on almost every corner.

– Elizabeth Mullen

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New York City

I may be a biased because I was born and raised here, but there's no greater city than New York. Everything you need is within a 3-6 miles radius, if not around the corner. My favorite activity is to pop in my earphones and just walk to wherever I need to go; my go to place is usually the Nethermead lawn at Prospect Park. I love to kick back and watch the planes fly by. By the way, don't buy into the old adage that New Yorkers are rude: locals (for the most part) are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, as long as you don't get in their way on the street. We're always running somewhere.

– Anita Ng, Photo Editor

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