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21 Last-Minute Gifts to Buy NOW

Did you drop the ball on this year's holiday shopping? If so—don't freak out just yet. Below, we've pulled 21 gifts that 1. don't feel last second, and 2. will get to your door before Christmas thanks to Amazon Prime's two-day shipping. Happy (last-minute) shopping!

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Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

This easy-to-use, instant point-and-shoot is one of our favorite gifts to give. We especially dig the minimalist design that mimics some of Polaroid's most iconic legacy models.

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The Kinfolk Table

We could always count on Kinfolk magazine for exquisite Danish design, but now, we can count on them for a killer meal, too. The Kinfolk Table combines recipes from 45 different tastemakers—artisans, bloggers, chefs, writers, bakers, and crafters—that run the gamut from unfussy breakfasts to one-pot dinners.

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Striped Turkish Throw

One can never have too many throws. We're all about this versatile Turkish towel that can be used as a tablecloth, beach towel, throw, shawl, and more.

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Hanging Succulent Planters

2018 was kinda the year of the cactus, but we're ushering our succulents right into 2019, too. These hanging planters are perfect for the design aficionado and budding botanist in your life.

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Mauviel Copper Skillet

Upgrade your mate's kitchen with this copper and bronze skillet. The French-made cookware guarantees superior cooking control and has a lifetime warranty.

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Crosley Portable Turntable

Break out your vinyls and LPs; this mod, 1960s-style turntable from Crosley is the ultimate music companion. PS: it also has an auxillary port so you can stream from any device once you run out of records.

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Wood Paper Co. Padded Bomber Jacket

Wood Paper Co. is all about the basics every man should own; utility jackets, broken-in button downs, chinos, etc. Their classic black bomber—with snap buttons and a striped collar, cuff, and hem—is the piece we'll be grabbing first.

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No Place Like Home Candle

Have a friend missing home? A hand-poured soy candle that evokes the scents of their state will be a sure hit.

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Unlabeled Cashmere Scarf

No matter who you're shopping for, you can't go wrong with a luxe cashmere and lambswool scarf.

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Anker PowerCore Mini Charger

Anker PowerCore is the ideal gift for the friend/co-worker/family member who's always jacking your charger. The lipstick-sized power bank can fully charge almost any smartphone.

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The Best Places to Be Today

Lonely Planet's The Best Places to Be Today is a treasure trove of travel ideas. With 365 days worth of festivals, sporting events, adventures, and natural phenomena—think cheese-rolling competitions in England and caribou migrations in Alaska—you'll never run out of activities.

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Hot Seat

A gift that you can enjoy too, this adult party game tests how well you know your friends. When you're in the "hot seat," players will answer questions like what did I do just to be cool in middle school? and what would I choose to be paid with if money wasn't an option?, all while pretending to be you.

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LitEnergy Cinematic Light Box

With this decorative LED light box, you can curate your own messages. Ninety letters and symbols can easily be interchanged to create a new saying anytime you like.

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The Original Bialetti Moka Express

The Original Bialetti Moka Express

For the caffeine junkie in your life, gift this stovetop brewer. In under 5 minutes, it makes a steaming hot, strong, rich pot of Italian Moka coffee.

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Landmass Scratch Off World Map Poster

Landmass Scratch Off World Map Poster

This scratch-off map poster, complete with countries' flags and customizable stickers, is the perfect stocking stuffer for any world traveler.

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Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit

Imbibe in-flight with this charming carry-on craft cocktail kit. It comes with everything you need to spice up your plane ride—just add alcohol.

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Burst Brass Cuff Bracelet

Burst Brass Cuff Bracelet

Did you know Amazon has a special marketplace for handmade goods? Yep, you can shop artisan-made crafts and jewelry online that still follow Prime's quick shipping guarantee. We love this San Francisco-made brass bracelet.

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Foodie Dice

Foodie Dice

For home chefs in between the recipe-following and totally DIY stages, consider this dice set. Just give them a roll, and you'll have a combination of yummy seasonal ingredients, proteins, and cooking methods for instant meal ideas.

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ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Interested in acupressure? Ease in with this at-home mat and pillow set, which is covered in plastic points that stimulate blood flow and muscle recovery.

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33 Piece Custom Artist Acrylic Painting Set

Acrylic Painting Set

Give a budding artist this 33-piece acrylic set—it comes with everything a painter could need, from an easel and canvas pack to high-quality brushes and 12 rich pigments.

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Body Back Buddy Self Massage Tool with Usage Poster

Body Back Buddy Massage Tool

It may look silly, but this unique massage stick has 11 therapy knobs that are strategically designed to relieve tension across the whole body. Gift it to the uncle who never stops complaining about his back (and maybe grab one for yourself too).

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