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Snapshot: The Eiffel Tower with #Jetsettering Winner @ckanani

When it comes to Insta travel inspo, our #jetsettering community holds a special place in our beloved feed. Every Friday, we pore over the images and choose one 'grammer to feature across all of Jetsetter. This week's winner? Christie Sultemeier, who caught our eye with a close-up of the iconic Tour Eiffel.

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Christie Sultemeier, @ckanani

Where were you when you took this photo?

It was sunset on a quiet street in the 7th arrondissement, and I was walking towards the Eiffel Tower.

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What do you love about the image?

I took it during golden hour, when the tower takes on a shimmering gold hue. At that time, the color matched the surrounding buildings perfectly. It was magical.

So after Paris, where to next?

I have so many places I want to go, I couldn’t possibly pick just one! My top four right are Greece, Morocco, Alberta, Canada, and Iceland.

Do you have any travel tips you can share?

Planning ahead is essential but it’s just as important to leave room for the unexpected. I often find that my favorite moments–and images–are the ones that happen during an unplanned adventure. Grab your camera/iphone, get out there, and get lost!

Short bio about yourself:

I am a San Francisco-based travel photographer with a love for colorful landscapes and adventures of any kind.

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