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How JS Editors Are Living #LikeAJetsetter in 2019

Traveling smartly, stylishly, and consciously is easier than it looks—all it takes is a bit of ambition and resolve. Here’s how our editors are planning on living #LikeAJetsetter themselves in 2019.

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Colored and steep neighborhood of Valparaiso, Chile
Outdoor photograph of Costa Brava in Viña del Mar, Chile. Borgoño avenue.
Guanaco in Chilean Patagonia

Learn a New Skill

In 2019, I want to get out of my comfort zone and learn some new skills. I’m already planning on taking a pottery class, re-learning how to knit, and taking some more Spanish lessons. It’s hard to feel fully immersed in a culture when you can’t converse with the locals, so I’m super excited to brush up on my language skills before my trip to Chile next fall.

Gretchen Dorosz, Senior Photo Editor

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Plan More Weekend Getaways

Rather than confine my travel excitement to my few big trips a year, I want to plan more “mini breaks” (as Bridget Jones would say) to local spots or even out of town if I can score a great flight deal.

Molly Steinkrauss, Marketing Manager

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Interior of a modern airport.

Invest in Global Entry

Every year I say it, but this time, I'm really serious! In 2019, I'm splurging on Global Entry. I took 20 flights in 2018 alone, and each time I got caught up in lines, waiting behind a sea of other travelers, I mentally kicked myself for not investing. The $100 fee (which includes TSA PreCheck) earns you five years of breezing through airport security and customs lines. For anyone who travels internationally more than once a year, it really pays for itself.

Lindsey Olander, Editor

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Make Wellness More Routine

A couple months ago, I went on an eye-opening exploration tour of global beauty hotspots in NYC, and I’m excited to apply what I learned to my travels and everyday life. From trying out more Ayurvedic spa treatments to finally mastering the Korean 10-step skincare routine, I hope to take my passions for beauty and wellness to the next level.

Jackie Homan, Editorial Assistant

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Washington DC
View of an alley in Boston

Explore Close to Home

It’s been a few years since I moved from the Midwest to New York City, and I still haven’t explored most of the East Coast. There are so many great cities just a short train ride away, so in the new year, I’m definitely going to cross Philly, D.C., and Boston off my list. Their historic architecture, can’t-miss museums, and fresh seafood are calling my name!

David Hattan, Photo Editor

High angle view of summer clothes, slippers, sun hat, sun glasses, beach towel, and other accessories arranged in a suitcase.

Pack Smarter

In 2018, I learned to love using packing cubes to keep my suitcase über-organized. In 2019, I want to learn how to pack lighter. I’m going to downsize my normal luggage to the Away Carry-On and learn how to create better capsule wardrobes for traveling.

Kerry Sainato, Product Manager

Interior shot of Oxomoco in Brooklyn
Outside dining at Oxomoco in Brooklyn
Several dishes from Oxomoco in Brooklyn

Images Courtesy of Oxomoco/Evan Sung


Check Off My Food Bucket List

In 2019, I plan on eating my way through my NYC restaurant bucket list. The list is long and varied but these places have the top slots: Sofreh (Persian) in Prospect Heights, Oxomoco (Mexican) in Greenpoint, Atomix (Korean) in Midtown East, and Llama Inn (Peruvian) in Williamsburg.

Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

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Reykjavik Iceland
View of a waterfall in Iceland
View of a valley in Iceland

Maximize My PTO

I have no problem blowing through all of my PTO on week-long vacations by the time September rolls around, but my resolution for 2019 is to be more strategic by rolling trips into long weekends and taking nighttime flights so that I can hit at least five new destinations this year. On my list: Antigua, Nashville, Iceland, Ireland, and Palm Springs!

Elizabeth Mullen, Associate Marketing Manager


Embrace the Laid-Back Group Getaway

Traveling with a baby can get pretty hairy, so I’m forgoing big bucket-list vacations for when my kiddo gets a little older. Instead, my friends and I are planning a laid-back group getaway and Costa Rica, with its "pura vida" vibe, came out as the unanimous choice. Plus, luckily for me, having built-in babysitters won’t suck.

Saman Westberg, Style Correspondent

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Be More Spontaneous

I’ve always seen myself as a "go with the flow" type of person, but as I’ve gotten older, planning has become the norm. Next year, I'm going to work on my spontaneity and book a flight a day in advance by throwing a dart on a map and traveling to wherever it lands. I want to look back when I’m 80 and think “I can’t believe I did that.” I don’t plan to regret a minute of it!

Tyler Schoeber, Photo Intern

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