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The Ultimate Book for Beer Snobs

Beer is finally grabbing the spotlight at high-end restaurants around the globe (take that, wine). For the best Michelin-starred meals and craft brew pairings, we're consulting the masters in the new cookbook Food & Beer.

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Sure, we’ll never turn down a nice bottle of wine or a whiskey on the rocks. But, nothing quite satisfies like an ice cold beer. And nobody knows this better than chef Daniel Burns and brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø.

Tapping into the rising popularity of craft beer, the duo came together to create the groundbreaking Brooklyn bar, Tørst. At first glance, the rustic watering hole is just a casual spot for beer enthusiasts, but for those in-the-know, there’s fine dining fare behind a hidden door. Inside, you’ll find Luksus, a 16-seat Nordic-inspired restaurant run by Burns, that was awarded a Michelin star within its first year for its menu of creative food and beer pairings.

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Now the two are sharing their culinary secrets with the world in their first cookbook Food & Beer. Divided into two sections, the first (Tørst) has chapters on the flavors of artisanal brews, while the second (Luksus) details recipes penned by Burns.

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Photos by Gabriele Stabile and Signe Birck

Highlights include: tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and more than 75 mouthwatering recipes. We’re already eyeing the pickled fiddlehead ferns with Bière de garde ale, licorice-cured trout on rye Rugbrød with beet beer, and meat pie, cranberry sauce and rhubarb crisp with Belgian dubbel.

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Photo by Gabriele Stabile

Even if you’re no Julia Child, the photographs are enough food porn to get you cooking. Dig in!

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Photos by Gabriele Stabile



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