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A Peek Inside Our World’s Food Cultures

If passports could speak, culinary writer Shane Mitchell and photographer James Fisher’s would have a lot to say. Their travels have spanned several continents and hundreds of cultures, all in an effort to document the customary ways in which global communities feed themselves.

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From herding and fishing, to farming and cooking, Shane Mitchell and James Fisher have witnessed a lot in the way of ancestral culinary traditions. In their collection, Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters From Around the World, they profile 10 communities – including Hawaiian taro farmers, Icelandic shepherds, Rabari tribeswomen, and Peruvian potato farmers – and their techniques which have yet to expand beyond their geographical bounds. Mixed in with the rundown of their customs, and Mitchell’s anecdotes, are forty recipes backed by time-honored instruction. So while thumbing through beautiful glossy images and getting lost in absorbing stories of their time abroad, you can also try your hand at dishes and sides like red snapper curry, spiced okra, cardamom doughnuts, lomo saltado, farmhouse spice cake, and caramelized potatoes.

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Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters From Around the World is available for purchase through publisher Penguin Random House and on Amazon

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