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9 Essential Pieces of Camping Gear We All Need

If you’ve seen The Revenant, you know that sh*t can get real when you’re out in the wild. And while this camping gear won’t prevent you from getting mauled by a bear, it will prepare you for caffeine shortages, dead iPhone batteries and other first-world problems. Here, the 10 of the best pieces of camping gear we all need.

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Cafflano Klassic

Not a morning person? This all-in-one portable coffee maker will ensure you are your, uh, cheeriest self during those early AM hikes. The brewing system comes complete with all the necessary parts including a water pourer, hand grinder, built-in filter and insulated mug, so all you need to do is add hot water and enjoy.

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VSSL Flashlight

At first glance, this sleek aluminum tube looks like your average flashlight. But inside the compact vessel are 7 water-resistant metal canisters—each containing a survival tool for a whole range of emergency situations. Choose from contents including reflective trail markers, waterproof matches, fishing gear, a wire saw and marine-grade rope that can hold 250 pounds. Oh, and did we mention there's also a flask with two collapsible shot glasses?!

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Cinch Pop-up Tent

Let there be no mistake about it: pitching a tent is an art form. Don’t have the patience or the engineering prowess to get it right? Don’t sweat. Cinch has designed a pop-up tent that takes mere seconds to erect. The fool-proof pop-up also comes with LED tent pegs, LED lighting, light reflective guy ropes and a solar pack to charge your iPhone, making it a must-buy for the camper who can't go without his creature comforts.

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Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger Hanging Chair

A hybrid between a hammock and a chair, the Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger is the perfect antidote to a long day on your feet. There's a plush headrest, footrest, a supportive chair with adjustable straps and a drink holder so you can crack a cold one and really let the good times roll.

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Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Winner of the prestigious Gear of The Year award, and rated #1 by Backpacker, Outside, and the American Survival Guide, this is truly the best hammock money can buy. But more than a hammock, it can also be used on the ground as a tent (you can thank its unique patented design for that), making it a versatile option for your next trip to the Great Outdoors.

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Camelbak All Clear Water Bottle

With CamelBak’s revolutionary All Clear Water Bottle, you won't need to lug around clunky filtration pumps or heavy jugs of H2O. The compact bottle effectively neutralizes microbiological contaminants to EPA standards via UV light. To use, simply fill up the 0.75-liter bottle, push the purification button, agitate the water by turning the bottle upside down, and 60 seconds later, you'll have safe drinking water.

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Osprey Aurga AG 50

If you’re an over packer, you know how much it sucks having to part with some of your most beloved essentials. But invest in this brilliant Osprey pack and you won't have to choose between packing that extra blanket or your favorite pair of shoes. The award-winning pack's Anti-Gravity Suspension system combines a seamless back panel and a contouring hip belt and is designed to carry up to 40 pounds without you even noticing the load. Talk about a game-changer!

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BioLite Power Bundle

This brilliant four-in-one product serves as lantern, a torch, a charger for your smartphone and an overheard string light. No more stumbling out of your tent and bumping into a tree as you make your way to the, er, facilities.

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SitPack Compact Foldable Seat

Laugh all you want, but talk to us at the tail end of a vertical 10 mile hike when your legs are shaking and there’s not a picnic table in sight, and this compact seat will suddenly become your best friend.

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