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The Best Food Instagrammers and Bloggers to Follow

There’s no shortage of bloggers and 'grammers sharing captivating food imagery from around the world. Here are 10 we drool over, big time.

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Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers food plate dish meal bowl cuisine different dishware tableware vegetarian food platter fruit appetizer asian food vegetable container recipe brunch salad several plastic sliced variety arranged

Photos: Courtesy of Alison Wu / @alison_wu

Handle: @alison_wu

Blog: Wu Haus

Name: Alison Wu

Location: Portland, OR

Why Follow: A stylist and recipe developer, Wu zeroes in on health, wellness, and food, sharing her journey through pretty, wholesome dishes with a good-for-you slant.

What’s she’s shooting on? iPhone, iPhone, Fuji XT-10

Favorite Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, lemon, salt.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers different food dish plate meal cuisine vegetarian food asian food gimbap recipe side dish comfort food lunch finger food brunch appetizer breakfast japanese cuisine several colored

Photos: Courtesy of Jason Wang and Grace Chen / @cityfoodsters

Handle: @cityfoodsters

Blog: City Foodsters

Name: Jason Wang and Grace Chen

Location: San Francisco, CA

Why Follow: After a “life-changing” meal at Chicago’s Alinea in 2012, Wang and Chen launched their Instagram account as a way to record and remember their dining experiences. Now, the duo travels the world in search of culinary greatness, dining at the globe’s most celebrated eateries. Their feed serves as a comprehensive guide to who is serving what, when, and where: “We literally post every dish at every restaurant,” says Wang.

What are they shooting on? Canon 5D, Mark IV with the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens

Favorite Ingredients: Rice, egg, bamboo.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers different food dessert baking torte buttercream sweetness brunch frozen dessert icing flavor cream recipe dairy product baked goods finger food whipped cream snack fruit toppings various colorful same colored several breakfast

Photos: Courtesy of Nastassia Johnson / @letmeeatcake

Handle: @letmeeatcake

Blog: Let Me Eat Cake

Name: Nastassia Johnson

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why Follow: Both on her blog and via Instagram, Johnson chronicles Los Angeles’ sweet scene (and beyond!), highlighting familiar and unsung treats from chocolate chip cookies to Fruity Pebbles très leches cake. “I’ve always had a sweet tooth,” says Johnson, who launched her blog eight years ago to share her love of desserts.

What’s she shooting on? Fuji X100F

Favorite Ingredients: Vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers pattern circle Design font product design symmetry product commodity colored colorful

Photos: Courtesy Lauren Ko / @lokokitchen

Handle: @lokokitchen

Name: Lauren Ko

Location: Seattle, WA

Why Follow: Though she only baked her first pie a year and a half ago, Ko has quickly mastered the craft. And less than six months after launching her pie and tart-centered Instagram account, she rapidly amassed nearly 120k followers for her artful and ornately decorated desserts, often crowned with geometric toppings.

What’s she shooting on? iPhone

Favorite ingredients: Butter, butter, and butter. Also, miso caramel.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers different kobe beef meat food cuisine red meat roast beef venison beef tenderloin dish beef charcuterie animal source foods matsusaka beef flat iron steak steak flesh recipe colored vegetable

Photos: Courtesy of Sander Siswojo / @palatism

Handle: @palatism

Name: Sander Siswojo

Location: Hong Kong

Why Follow: With a focus on close-up photography, Siswojo treks to many of Asia’s top dining establishments, posting detailed highlights of his most memorable meals. Rather than stringing out a whole dinner, or exhibit a single shot of one dish, Siswojo shares several images of a single course, getting up close and person with a piece of wagyu or fat-laced slice of chutoro, or tuna. According to Siswojo, “Close up photography creates a more intimate and personal space between the diner and the food.” We agree.

What’s he shooting on? Nikon D750. It works very well under low lights. The lens that I use is Carl Zeiss 50mm f2 Makro T Planar, and I call it Baby Carl.

Favorite Ingredients? Egg, lime, avocado.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers food plate meal dish different cuisine vegetarian food vegetable breakfast tableware recipe ingredient brunch comfort food asian food set several

Photos: Courtesy of Anders Husa / @andershusa

Handle: @andershusa

Blog: Anders Husa

Name: Anders Husa

Location: Oslo, Norway

Why Follow: With a focus on Scandinavian cuisine, Husa’s restaurant and travel blog explores the region’s best restaurants by way of standalone features, in addition to guides and maps. “I tell stories from my life as a foodie, and bring my readers into the world that I explore,” says Husa. “I’m always on the lookout for passionate chefs and rumors about great-tasting food.”

What’s he shooting on? I use a Sony A7 II, mostly with a 55mm f1.8 lens. It’s a great camera for both photo and video and even works well in poor light, which can be a challenge in many restaurants.

Favorite Ingredients: Tough question! Since I’m Nordic, though, I really love beets, Jerusalem artichoke, and celeriac. Slow-cooked, or even dehydrated, root-vegetables are king!

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers coffee cup different cup mug tableware flowerpot product ceramic drinkware coffee cup sleeve plastic product design drink sleeve Dixie cup colored several

Photos: Courtesy of Henry Hargreaves / @coffeecupsoftheworld

Handle: @coffeecupsoftheworld

Name: Henry Hargreaves

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Why Follow: Over the last few years, cafes around the world have taken to elevating the humble disposable coffee cup by designing bespoke artwork around the vessel’s façade. And noting this trend, for the last three years, Hargreaves has built a steady following for his head-on images of these creative cups. “It’s a mix of my own pictures of cups, and ones that have been submitted to me by followers,” says Hargreaves. “I post something that I think is fun, and makes me want to drink from it!”

What’s he shooting on? Canon, Fuji, and phone in that order of preference.

Favorite Ingredients: Figs, capers, feijoa.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers different food meal product bunch several colored

Photos: Courtesy of Taste of Prague / @tasteofprague

Handle: @tasteofprague

Name: Jan Valenta and Zuzi Valenta Dankova

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Why Follow: Jan Valenta and Zuzi Valenta Dankova run a food tour company in the Prague, and their Instagram serves as an excellent––and very beautifully-shot––source for the city’s top eats. “We only write about the things that are worth visiting,” Valenta says, adding, “we figured our assumed audience is mostly travelers from overseas … so we only write about the must-visits.”

What are they shooting on? iPhone, Sony RX1

Favorite Ingredients: Butter, lemon, mushrooms of all kind.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers text indoor collage queen collection photomontage product design art different set surrounded several

Courtesy of Marta Mae Freedman / @h0tgirlseatingpizza

Handle: @h0tgirlseatingpizza

Name: Marta Mae Freedman

Location: New York, Los Angeles

Why Follow: An accidental win, Marta Mae Freedman launched her Instagram account as a way to meet new people, and she quickly found out that pizza was one of the most connecting foods. Her account not only depicts––as its name suggest––hot girls eating pizza, but it’s a great way to learn about new joints for all pizza enthusiasts.

What’s she shooting on? Polaroid

Favorite Ingredients: Buffalo mozzarella, caramelized onions, baby pepperoni cups.

Food + Drink Influencers + Tastemakers different meal food dish cuisine appetizer brunch lunch breakfast fast food asian food finger food junk food recipe comfort food side dish various thing same colored several

Photos: Courtesy of Margaret Lam / @little_meg_siu_meg

Handle: @little_meg_siu_meg

Name: Margaret Lam

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Why Follow: Consistently traveling the world to eat at every important restaurant, Margaret Lam is especially known for her access to, and images from, pretty much all of Tokyo’s ‘introduction only’ restaurants––the city’s most coveted eateries in which one must have a recommendation or introduction to the chef for entrance, and even then reservations often need to be made years in advance. Follow her for the ultimate food porn of the world’s most luxurious ingredients. And kakigori: Japanese shaved ice.

What’s she shooting on? Fuji XT-10

Favorite Ingredients: Salt, butter, eggs.

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