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Your Very Own Portable One-Room Hotel

The future of off-the-grid living has arrived, and it's in the form of a tiny egg-shaped home known as the Ecocapsule. Here's the lowdown on the portable hotel room you’ll be pining for in the year to come.

If you’re a no frills traveler interested more in what a destination has to offer than the laundry list of amenities at your hotel, the Ecocapsule might just be for you. Sheathed in insulted fiberglass, it’s equipped with high-efficiency solar cells, a wind turbine and a rain water collection tank (with filtration technology!), and can run off of its fully charged battery for roughly four days. And because the mini house generates its own power and has towing capability (four retractable wheels and roof hooks for transport via crane or helicopter), it can be moved just about anywhere your heart desires.

The 27-square-foot interior doesn’t lack in modern comforts: there’s a bathroom, shower, waterless toilet, kitchenette, small sofa that unfolds into a double bed and electrical outlets. You can even monitor energy levels through your smartphone or tablet and receive conservation suggestions — like turning down the heat or taking shorter showers — when power dips. The only downside: It’ll set you back $86,000.

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