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Do These Cities Have the World’s Best-Looking Locals?

Design hotels. High-fashion boutiques. Majestic cityscapes. We travel for the visuals. But we also dig eye candy of the human variety. Our friends at Conde Nast Traveler polled thousands of readers to find out the 10 cities with the most beautiful locals. And what do we think about the picks? Some are on-point, others miss the mark and then there are seriously hot destinations that didn't even make the cut.

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The impeccably tailored dandies of Rome, the effortlessly chic cafe goers of Paris, the bronzed beach bodies of Sydney. It’s a beautiful world out there full of beautiful people. But which destinations top the list?

Conde Nast Traveler‘s annual reader survey names the 10 cities with the best looking locals around the world. There are the obvious stunners — Paris, Sydney, Rome, Barcelona. But there are also some unexpected picks — think Ubud, Bali, and Krabi, Thailand — as well as some under-the-radar spots like Tel Aviv.

While we agree with quite a few of their picks — how can you argue with the well-cut suits of Rome or the hip kids of Cape Town? — there are a few puzzlers on the list. The tourist-clogged canals of Venice could never surpass the fashion capital Milan in our minds. And though the beaches of Krabi are some of the world’s most beautiful, they’re also packed with disheveled backpacker types.

So what’s missing from the list? The good ol’ US-of-A! From the hipster denizens of New York to Miami’s party people and LA’s toned and tanned, we think there are quite a few homegrown hotties worth checking out. The list also failed to recognize the heat of South America — the smoldering city slickers of Buenos Aires should be right up there with the pretty people of Rio. And then there’s the over-the-top fashion plates of Moscow and the edgy style of Tokyo locals.

Here’s their top 10:

  1. Paris
  2. Sydney
  3. Ubud, Bali
  4. Venice
  5. Prague
  6. Capetown
  7. Krabi, Thailand
  8. Rome
  9. Tel Aviv
  10. Barcelona

See full story here. Which cities top your world hotties list? Weigh in.



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