What to Pack for Burning Man 2018: All the Wacky, Weird, Droid-Inspired Stuff We’re Buying Now

You'd be living under a rock not to know about the annual Burning Man festival. Every summer, tens of thousands of people flock to a pop-up town in the dusty desert of Nevada for some seriously radical self-expression. And fashion plays a huge part in it; since 1995, concert goers have been required to dress according to a theme. This August, it's all about  AI-inspired looks courtesy of an I, Robot concept which asks what it means to be human in an increasingly automated world (don't ask...) With that in mind, we found 12 droid-inspired looks (think: metallics, leathers, and chainmail) you’ll want to take along. And even if you aren't planning on attending, these items will add some serious edge to your fall wardrobe.


George Keburia Black Micro Cat-Eye Sunglasses

We never thought we’d be taking style cues from 1999’s The Matrix, alas here we are, firing off Google searches in an attempt to find the perfect pair of miniscule sunnies. Enter: These micro cat-eye frames from George Keburia which combine a sturdy acetate frame with silver-toned hardware and 100-percent UV filtered lenses, so you can keep the sun and dust out of your eyes while staying on-theme.

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Topshop Ants Biker Boots

Burning Man’s Black Rock City isn’t exactly known for its greenery, but you can kick up as much dust as you like with these 100-percent leather platform boots. The black and metallic design melds futuristic and militaristic details perfect for conquering the AI-accented desert.

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Missguided White Tab Side Crew Neck Bodysuit

We call this look The Fifth Element meets Ex Machina. The simple white cutout bodysuit proves that an on-theme outfit — even one inspired by two sci-fi darlings — doesn’t have to be too out of this world.

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Ivy Park Active Stitch Leggings

Taking baby steps towards figuring out your Burner fashion? This active set from Ivy Park is a great place to start. The athletic designs offer utmost comfort (and warmth during cold nights) while orange top stitching throws major Tron vibes.

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Avec La Troupe Major Belt Bag

You don’t need money at Burning Man — in fact, the event has a strict "gifting only" policy, but this leather fanny pack from Avec La Troupe is ideal for stowing granola bars, sunglasses, bandanas, and other essential items. Wear it comfortably around your waist or across your back or chest for a more fashion-forward look.

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Topshop Mirror Bandeau Top

Get your cyborg style on with this metallic bandeau from Topshop. Paired with biker shorts or perhaps just a bathing suit bottom (take a break from pants while you can, ladies) the tube top will keep you cool during scorching days on the playa.

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ASOS Design Rivington Festival High-Waisted Jeans

Nevada temps may skyrocket during the day but come nightfall, you’ll be freezing your butt off if you’re still in booty shorts. Pair these high-waisted cutout jeans with a bodysuit and platform boots, metallic sneaks, or leather sandals for a simple event-ready outfit.

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ASOS Design Chain and Disc Fringe Bralette

Burning Man styles come and go, but chainmail is here to stay. Add a touch of steel to your outfit with ASOS Design’s ball-trimmed bralette. Wear it over a shirt, bikini top, or whatever you like — here, conventional fashion rules are all but out the window. 

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Dr. Martens Blaire Sandals

Save your feet from hot desert sand with these strappy platform sandals from Dr. Martens — a brand that has thrived thanks to the embrace of countercultures the world over. The high contrast silhouette makes a statement on its own but can just as easily be paired with zanier outfits for a true boundary-pushing Burner look.

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Michael Kors Addie High Top Sneakers

Thigh-high leather boots and four-inch-and-up booties may look fab, but when you’re living in a pop-up camp for more than a week, sneakers buy you a much-needed modicum of comfort. Luckily, Michael Kors’ Addie High Tops also happen to fit the tech-centric bill.

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Rag & Bone High Rise Vinyl Skinny Pants

If you’ve been lusting over a pair of faux patent leather pants but didn’t have anywhere to wear them, now’s your time to seize the moment. This statement-making pair from Rag & Bone features silver-tone hardware and an of-the-moment ankle cut.

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H&M Shimmering Anorak

Desert dust is no joke. Protect yourself from the elements with this gold hooded anorak from H&M. Best of all, it’s on sale for just $25, so even if it’s not something you’d wear at home, you can justify the cost for 10 magical days out west.

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