4 Trending Destinations Everyone’s Visiting This Summer (and What to Wear When You Go)

You know the feeling—you’re scrolling through social media and start to notice nearly everyone is posting from the same dreamy destination, looking chic as can be. You think, did I miss the cool-new-vacation-spot memo? This summer, hop on the bandwagon before you’re hit with the FOMO. Below, we’ve teamed up with Trunk Club to bring you the top trending destinations for summer 2019 and what to wear to each one, so all you’ve got to do is book that flight.

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Thanks to highly anticipated new flight routes on Southwest (the airline now offers flights from Oakland and San Jose, California to Honolulu and Maui), traveling to Hawaii has never been easier—especially for West Coasters. In Maui, soak up the sun on Kā’anapali Beach, where adventurous travelers can also surf, scuba, or cliff dive. Heading to the capital? Get ready for buzzy nightlife, glam hotels, and endless activities—there’s a lot more to the area than just beaches. While you’re basking in paradise, don’t be afraid to have fun accessorizing, says Trunk Club stylist Beth Argus. “Vacation is about letting loose and having fun, and your clothing choices should reflect that to give you those ultimate vacation vibes.” Just be sure to pack some neutral base pieces to avoid pattern overload.


View of Tunnels Beach and Haena Beach in Kauai, Hawaii
Aerial view of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii
What to wear in Hawaii collage - women
What to wear in Hawaii collage - men


Canada is poised to be a top international destination for travelers this summer, and it’s easy to see why. There’s Banff, the country’s oldest national park that’s famous for its turquoise lakes and picturesque sunsets; Montréal, full of trendy restaurants, nightlife, and a killer summer festival scene; and Vancouver, loved for its mountain-and-sea views and gleaming skyscrapers. To style yourself for the varied scenes, focus on utilitarian pieces that can be dressed up or down. “Make sure you’re including city-friendly basics in natural hues, and trade blown-out patterns for more interesting textures,” says Trunk Club stylist Kirsten McCafferty. “Durability and versatility are king.”

Architecture Buildings Canada Drink Eat Exterior Hotels Montreal Trip Ideas building Town neighbourhood City road Downtown infrastructure restaurant
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What to wear in Canada collage - women
What to wear in Canada collage - men


Whether you loved the Game of Thrones finale or hated it, chances are the series had you itching to visit Dubrovnik at one point or another. If a Croatian summer getaway is on your radar, plan to see everything from iconic old city walls and sunny Adriatic islands to smaller outlying villages and the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park further inland. To enjoy all the country has to offer, Trunk Club stylist Brooke Nianick recommends outfits that are lightweight, tonal, and cohesive for easy mixing and matching. “Button-downs work great as a light layer over a tee, or buttoned up and tucked into pants for a dressier look,” she says. “White clothing is also an easy way to look stylish and chic for a Euro trip—just be careful with your red wine at dinner!” On that note: Croatia has incredible wine regions, too, so consider adding a tasting to your itinerary.

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Breathtaking view in the Plitvice Lakes National Park .Croatia
What to wear in Croatia collage - women


Half the Jetsetter team has traveled to Tokyo for vacation this year, and just about everyone else has the city on their bucket list. After all, with its soothing onsen baths, rainbow-bright shops, serene shrines, and top-notch eats, how could the bustling metropolis not be? To see all the sights, Trunk Club stylist Marjorie Nyhart advises visitors to stay comfortable with leather sneakers and sandals—you’ll likely be doing lots of walking, especially if you plan to take a food tour across the area’s sprawling markets. “When packing, don’t overdo the prints,” she warns. (The city’s already busy enough!) “Just stick with a printed jacket, shorts, or pants that you know will coordinate with multiple solid pieces.” Be sure you consider fabric as well, since the city can be hot and humid during summer—lightweight linen will keep you cool.

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What to wear in Tokyo collage - women
What to wear in Tokyo collage - men

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