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Rendering by Johan Kauppi

PSA: Sweden is Opening a Floating Hotel and Spa This Year!

Hope you have your bucket list and pen handy.

This year, the team behind Sweden’s beloved Treehotel is back with an equally exciting, new endeavor: the Arctic Bath in Harads, Lapland. Slated to open in fall 2018, the wellness retreat—which is situated on the Lule River, just downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors —will free float in the summer and freeze in place during winter.

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Designed by architects Bertil Harström & Johan Kauppi, the Northern Lapland property is a sight to be seen. According to a press release, the Arctic Bath was inspired by "the timber floating era, where trees felled in local forests were transported down the river to be processed,” and pays homage to Sweden’s past with a circular construction that features a log exterior and paneled wood interiors.

Beyond striking, eco-friendly Scandinavian design, the property includes six cabins and a full-service spa with one treatment room, four saunas, an outside cold bath, a hot bath, outside and inside showers, and two dressing rooms.

If a cozy, free-floating cabin and refreshing four-degree-Celsius bath isn’t enough to convince you to make the trip to Lapland, there is an additional factor that ups the hotel and spa’s ante: it’s ideally located for aurora borealis viewing.

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