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Party on the Rolling Stones Plane!

Who hasn't dreamed of ditching that middle seat in coach to party like a rockstar in a private plane? This year, travelers passing through New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport will get a taste of the mile high madness thanks to the launch of a new Rolling Stones bar.

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The Rolling Stones 1972 North American tour is one of the most legendary parties in music history. Think sex, drugs, riots and rock and roll, a sleepover at the Playboy Mansion…. oh and a pretty sweet private plane serving up Tequila Sunrises 24-7.

In commemoration of that mile-high madness, Jose Cuervo has created a replica inspired by the Stones’ tour plane, complete with a bar made from the engine of a 747 and first class leather seats with that trademark lips logo. From November 2 to December 4, travelers passing through Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport can take the holiday edge off with the same drinks Mick and fellow partiers like Bob Dylan would suck down: orange juice, grenadine and Jose Cuervo.

The bar was built by film set designers Air Hollywood, the creative minds behind the plane interiors you recognize from movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Bridesmaids, Money Ball and Inception.

Rock and roll and tequila? That’s a pretty sweet way to spend a layover.



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