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The Suitcase Every Traveler Should Have Now

If you combined Siri with a suitcase, you'd get Raden, a game-changing, tech-friendly carry-on. Chelsea Bengier takes the roller for a test drive.

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Sometimes travel can be a b*tch. There’s the nuisance of lost luggage, the lack of available power outlets and the cost of overstuffed bags. Fortunately, a slew of apps and electronics have been designed to make our lives easier while in transit. At the top of our wish list? A smart new carry-on that can practically do everything but fly you to your final destination.

Raden, the Silicon Valley of suitcases, comes equipped with Bluetooth GPS trackers, a slick security system and a built-in battery with two USB ports to charge your gear on the go. It also syncs with an accompanying iOS app, which alerts you about weather conditions, TSA wait times, flight schedule changes, and traffic en route to the airport. (Bonus: It can even call you an Uber!) With the nifty tech, you’ll receive push notifications when your belongings arrive at baggage claim and warnings about extra fees if your luggage is too heavy (there’s a scale sensor in the handle).

Besides all the fancy bells and whistles, it’s not bad on the eyes. The hard-shelled case is available in two sizes (carry-on or check-through) and seven colors — black, white, navy, forest green, cotton candy pink, lavender, and baby blue — so you can customize it to your taste and travel preferences. Now if only it could do our packing for us…



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