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Are These the Comfiest Men's Pants for Travel?

Work-appropriate, travel-friendly pants that are also as comfortable as sweats? JS Photo Editor David Hattan thought it couldn't be done—until he tested Public Rec's Slim Workday Pant.

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Confession: I’ve been on the “more-expensive-the-better” raw denim train for quite some time now. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on hand-crafted jeans—often only to have them fall apart or end up with the dreaded crotch blowout. I never thought this day would come, but I think I’m officially ready to be comfortable at work.

And that’s why I decided to give the new menswear brand Public Rec a try. Known for comfort above all else, Public Rec makes pants, tees, jackets, and more with “smarter fabrics” that are supposed to be soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and long-lasting. After all my dedication to jeans that eventually failed me, I had to see what all this hype was about. So I tested out their five-star-rated Slim Workday Pant.

I’ll be honest, when I pulled these pants out of the packaging and felt them for the first time, it seemed like there was no way I could wear them. The material is super light and I thought for sure my, eh hem, modesty would be compromised…. Thankfully, after putting them on, I realized the most slim portion of the pant is reserved for the calf, and my modesty remains uncorrupted!

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The fabric on these pants feels like a dream. Due to the 2% elastane construction, there’s added stretch, granting them the comfort of your favorite pair of worn-in sweats. And as for the design? The five-pocket detailing makes them look like a typical pair of work pants. Essentially, they’re like the perfect hybrid of loungewear, gym attire, and chinos.

Although I do really like these pants, they are not without flaw. Because they’re so lightweight, they are probably best suited for the spring and summer. Also, despite the work pant details, they do still look like they’re made from technical fabric, so they might not be the best choice if you need to be a little dressier in the office.

For casual workplaces like mine, plane travel, and laid-back weekends, though, they hold up—they’re comfy, stylish, and have a nice fit. If you’re ready to break away from the traditional jeans or chinos, Public Rec’s Workday Pant may just be for you. I know my raw denim won’t be leaving my closet for a while.

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