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6 Ways to Deal with Travel Stress, According to Jetsetter Editors

Despite plenty of practice, we travel editors still get the unfortunate pre-trip jitters from time to time—which also means that by now, we’ve tried pretty much every anti-stress strategy out there. From essential oils and vitamins to step-by-step packing lists, here are our favorite ways of dealing with travel turmoil.

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Airport lounge access

“Chaotic airport concourses only add to the stress I already feel during long-haul flights. So instead of wandering around looking for a place to sit during a layover, I recenter myself in a peaceful airport lounge, where I can stretch, connect to WiFi, and refuel with food and drinks. If you’re like me, check out Priority Pass—the lounge membership program gives you access to over 1,200 amazing lounges worldwide.”

— Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

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Travel journaling

“I always get stressed on a trip if I don’t have everything perfectly planned out beforehand. I like to write where I’m staying, the coolest things to see and do, and what the best restaurants are so I can keep track of it all while I’m away. I love travel journals like this one from Wandrd, which has trip planning, itineraries, checklists, maps, and travel logs that help keep me organized. The best part is going through afterwards and remembering all the amazing things I did.”

— David Hattan, Photo Editor

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CBD supplements

“Before any big trip, I used to always toss and turn and get a terrible night’s sleep—even if I had everything planned out perfectly. I’ve found that sleep-focused CBD products, like Sagely’s Dreamwell products, help me snooze through the night much better and wake up feeling more refreshed. CBD is a natural, plant-based approach to wellness, and I know it’s super trendy and hyped-up right now, but for me, it really works.”

— Jackie Homan, Style and Travel Editor

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woman packing a luggage for a new journey

Detailed packing checklists

“I hate admitting it, but one of my biggest travel stressors happens before I even leave for the airport. Packing, especially for trips involving multiple climates, is something I still have yet to master. Despite being an overpacker, I always manage to forget something, whether that’s earplugs or sunglasses. Lately, though, I’ve found a few ways to stay organized. A few days before a trip, I research the day-by-day forecast‚ then make a detailed checklist of every outfit I plan on wearing when I’m there—broken down by day and night. I then pack by outfit, because I’ve learned that separating piles into shirts and pants throws my outfit-planning out the window. (Sometimes, I even add a sticky note that outlines the dates and weather.) It sounds obsessive, but it’s the only way I can visualize how the trip is going to go. As for my personal item, I’ve got it down to a science: pashmina, camera, toiletries, a change of clothes, sunglasses, travel documents, and snacks. Done!”

— Lindsey Olander, Senior Editor

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Vitamins and essential oils

“My travel stress usually stems from the thought that I’m going to get sick right before I leave, forget to pack something important, or the general anxiety that comes from a long flight in a tiny enclosed space. To combat these stressors, I make sure to be diligent about taking vitamins and supplements leading up to the flight. I never get sick when taking MaryRuth’s multivitamin and probiotic regularly. I also follow a packing list to make sure I have all my essentials, and remind myself that if I do forget something, I can almost always pick up a replacement once I’ve reached my destination. Lastly, I make sure I’m prepared for any flight with essential oils to help promote relaxation, an eye mask (I love this one from Brooklinen), and plenty of books and podcasts queued up for entertainment.”

— Gretchen Dorosz, Senior Photo Editor

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In-flight cocktails

“One big issue I have with travel stress involves, you guessed it, flying. Airplanes as a whole truly terrify me—thinking about being inside of a large metal tube in the sky as I’m trapped in it sort of makes me lose my mind. To cope with the idea, I lean toward my trusty friend—vodka! A slight buzz mid-flight always rids me of my anxieties, and a fun way to spice up your shooters is to pair it with a Carry-On Cocktail Kit. I actually just brought one on my flight from Chicago to New York a couple of hours ago, and let me tell you, it made the already-short flight breeze by. A solid 10/10 anxiety reliever in my book.”

— Tyler Schoeber, Production Specialist

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