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11 Incredible Products for Your #Jetsetting Pet

Let's be real--traveling with your favorite pet can be a lot of work, but nothing is cuter than a #jetsetting furry friend. Whether you're headed across the state or the globe, these pet travel products will keep the tails wagging.

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Lollimeow Pet Carrying Backpack

Fashionable yet functional, this slick backpack is a winner. Whether you’re bike riding or exploring the city by foot, your pet will have the comfort of seeing the world as you do.

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Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Being prepared for any possible accident is key when traveling with your pet. Muddy paws and dirty fur are no problem for this handheld pet bathing tool. Your travel companion will be squeaky clean in no time.

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SmartBones Calming Care Chicken Chews Dog Treats

If your furry friend has a little anxiety when traveling, leave it to SmartBones calming dog treats to ease the stress.

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SitStayGo Travel Pet Bowl

Traveling with man’s best friend isn’t always a walk in the park, but this leash-attachable travel bowl makes it a lot easier. Feed your pup in the airport or give him quick drink at the car ride rest stop without the mess.

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NaturalDog Paw Soother

Pawtect your pet on the go with this all-natural Pawdicure pack. It’s perfect for all pets needing protection from grounds that are too hot, cold, snowy, or salty. Remember, if you’re in pain with your bare feet on the ground, so are your pets. 

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Solvit Car Seat Cuddler

This backseat car bed is perfect for any doggo on the go. Made to fit in any car, the Solvit protects your car from scratchy paws and nibbly teeth while pampering your pup at the same time.

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Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker

The biggest fear we have when traveling with our pets? That they run off. With this one-of-a-kind pet tracker, you can put that worry aside. It’s capable of creating virtual fence perimeters and has an app to track your pet in almost every country (even in off-grid locations). Bonus: You can use it for up to three pets. 

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FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

Designed for extra fluffy pups, this dog brush is perfect for improving health and hygiene on the go—all while leaving that pesky shedded hair off your canine and in the trash bin.

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Kurgo Step & Strobe Dog Boots

Durable and lightweight, these dog shoes will allow your rambunctious pup to comfortably run through every type of terrain (as long as you allow it). 

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Disposable Litter Box

Any kitty on the move will certainly be in need of some potty time. Unlike traveling with dogs, you can’t just pull over at a rest stop or rush outside the airport for your cat to make business. Consider these compact, disposable litter boxes fit for any cat on a trek.

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PetsHome Dog Carrier Purse

This trendy pet carrier is an ideal staple for a stylish pet parent on the move. With a cute, multifunctional exterior and a super cozy interior, your pet will feel like he’s snoozing on the couch while you bop around the city with this eye-catching accessory in tow. 

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