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Our Favorite Indie Travel Magazines

Here at Jetsetter, we know all about the hot new hotels, the coolest up-and-coming destinations, and what to see/eat/drink/play once you get there. What we admittedly don't know anything about? All-female motorcycle expeditions in California, paragliding in Afghanistan, and designing ski maps in Colorado. That’s where these indie travel magazines come in. From outdoor adventure publication to photography-driven glossies, 8 alternative travel mags we turn to when we're looking for a different perspective.

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The concept: A Bristol-based bi-annual travel and lifestyle publication that showcases a handful of destinations through stories, essays, and local recommendations. There’s also online-only content, including city guides and playlists to accompany select features.

What we love: Clean and minimalist, it’s quite possibly the most beautiful thing on our coffee table.

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Another Escape

The concept: Storytelling is at the heart of this outdoor lifestyle and sustainable living publication, which gives sheds light on destinations around the world through the lens of people intimately connected with their landscapes (think: A Colorado-based ski map artist and a kayak builder in the Pacific Northwest).

What we love: After flipping through an issue, we feel inspired to get outside and start exploring.

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Stay Wild

The concept: A free monthly adventure magazine with pages filled with stories about daredevils traversing the globe in search of their next adrenaline-pumping expeditions. We’re talking night-surfing in Waikiki and trailing hyenas in South Africa.

What we love: The magazine opens our eyes to cool, off the beaten track adventures like Babes Ride Out, an all-female motorcycle and camping trip in the California desert. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

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Tiny Atlas Quarterly

The concept: Combining stunning photography, first-person travel stories and eye-catching graphics, Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a great resource for the intrepid traveler with an artistic side.

What we love: The photography, which is fresh and immersive and totally wanderlust-y.

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Lodestars Anthology

The concept: Each issue of this tri-annual indie travel magazine gives an in-depth look at country in all its quirks, charms and splendor. It won’t give you restaurant recommendations or sightseeing advice, but it will give you insight into the people, stories and history of a place.

What we love: The escapist quality of the magazine—plus, how successfully it gives you a feel for a destination.

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The concept: Exploration and survival are the two biggest themes of Sidetracked, an online and print journal that “tells the stories of those who put themselves out there, setting aside fear and doubt in order to experience the breathtaking, the awe-inspiring and the magical.” Expect stories about swimming with black piranhas in Guyana’s Rewa River and surviving a paragliding crash in the Karakoram mountain range.

What we love: Sidetracked allows readers to vicariously experience some of the craziest adventures known to man.

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Boat Magazine

The concept: Boat Magazine skips the tourist traps and the cheesy attractions to cover what’s truly distinctive about a city, whether it’s the music scene, the locals, the chefs, or the art. How? The mag’s writers and editors move to the city they plan to cover for a few weeks in order to discover what’s truly exceptional about a place.

What we love: The magazine’s more personal approach to travel writing.

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The concept: The world’s first fashion and travel magazine, SUITCASE is filled to the brim with travel outfit suggestions, packing guides, and swoon-worthy photoshoots with designer clothes. Another highlight: the Q&A’s with emerging global designers.

What we love: The clothes, which are worthy of being on the pages of Vogue, but still practical enough that you'd pack 'em on vacay.

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