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How to Cure Your New Year’s Eve Hangover

NYE is almost here and many of us will be harboring wicked hangovers come Jan 1st. Thankfully, there's a whole world of relatively easy cures waiting to soothe our pounding heads (and none involve sweating it out on a five mile run).

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The flowering perennial (yes, it’s technically a flower) can help get you back in order after a booze binge: According to the Journal of Food Science, its amino acids speed up how your body metabolizes alcohol and limits the toxins absorbed by your precious liver.

Sheep’s Eye Bloody Mary

Mongolians are known for their drinking, purportedly 50 liters of hard alcohol per person a year (compared to 10 liters per person worldwide). It’s no surprise then that they’ve got hangover "cures" in spades. A couple favorites: Bantan, a hearty soup made of meat, flour, and onions, and the more traditional Mongolian Mary, a pickled sheep’s eye floating in tomato juice.

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Congee Soup

This just might be the most delectable remedy on our list. A Chinese classic, congee soup is what we call chicken soup for the still inebriated soul. Ingredients include chicken, ginger, shallots, garlic, plus fresh cilantro and lime wedges.

Coconut Water

College students across the country claim that coconut water trumps regular H20 when they need to bounce back from an all-nighter. AND science confirms it: the five kinds of electrolytes in the magic elixir are the exact same as the ones in your bloodstream.

Pear Juice

Back in July, Australian scientists reported that they’d found a quick hangover antidote in the unlikeliest of places: vitamin-rich Korean pears. The only problem? You’ve got to consume 220 ml of Korean pear juice BEFORE you go on your bender.


Although this Canadian study suggests the only way to cure a hangover is to imbibe less in the first place, we think there’s some merit to this Ye Olde Québécois Cure. It’s essentially piping-hot french fries slathered in beef gravy and cheese curds.

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Researchers in Buenos Aires discovered the "Duh" of the century, at least when it comes to hangovers: sleep it off! And preferably in a dark room: According to their research, motor skills bounce back significantly faster when the Swiss mice drunkees passed out in a completely dark space. i.e., when your circadian rhythms are happy, you’re happy.

Water. WATER. Water.

We know, we know ⎯ drinking water after a night of heavy drinking is the oldest trick in the book. Well, despite what The Onion says, it often works. That’s why the National Institute of Health recommends drinking a glass of water between drinks. PACE YO SELF.


After testing nearly 60 drinks ⎯ from sodas to hot teas, Chinese researchers have found that Sprite, that lemony elixir found in most vending machines, curtails a hangover by slowing down alcohol dehydration. Hey, it’s worth trying.

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