Northern Lights in Manitoba Canada
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The Ultimate Northern Lights Experience in Canada

One thousand kilometers (roughly 620 miles) north of Winnipeg, a northerly port town is redefining the meaning of luxury travel. No, you will not find warm blue seas, five-star hotels, or grandiose spas. There is little extravagance or showiness here. Yet you will still uncover something extraordinary in this raw, untouched, remote, and once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Discover the magic of Churchill, Manitoba on an eight-day itinerary with Frontiers North and witness one of the seven natural wonders of the world: the aurora borealis.

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Northern Lights in Manitoba Canada

Revere Mother Nature’s greatest show

Mother Nature’s greatest show is what makes Churchill such a special place to visit in the winter months. Situated directly below the auroral oval, Churchill is one of the best places in the world for viewing the captivating colours of the aurora borealis. As you stand beneath a wide-open sky that dances with vibrant ribbons of green and purple, you will find there is no worldly experience that quite compares. It is no wonder that this captivating show has inspired poems and stories from those who have witnessed its beauty. Inuit mythology interprets the northern lights as the spirits of the deceased, playing a game of ball with a walrus skull.

Frontiers North offers a particularly unique way to view the aurora borealis, bringing guests across the frozen Churchill River aboard the Tundra Buggy® to the comfort of the Thanadelthur Lounge. The Lounge offers panoramic viewing away from the residual lights of the town and a rooftop observation deck that is perfect for photographers wanting that epic shot.

People eating at Dans Diner in Manitoba
Dish from Dans Diner in Manitoba Canada

Images by Abby Matheson

Dans Diner in Manitoba Canada

Take a seat at Manitoba’s most exclusive dinner reservation

Few other dining experiences cover both place and plate as well as Dan’s Diner. Offered exclusively by Frontiers North, this culinary adventure begins as you step aboard the massive and impressive Tundra Buggy® and venture across the frozen Churchill River. As the town’s lights fade in the rearview, a new glow in the distance will beckon you onward to this warm, pop-up restaurant. Skylights and panoramic windows create a sense of solitude, opening the dining hall to the wide and vast landscape that stretches across the subarctic, while also allowing for mind-blowing views of something much more impressive: the northern lights.

Nature’s dazzling display pairs well with an evening of delicious aromas and culinary delights. Dig into a multi-course, gourmet meal that is entirely inspired by this special region of Manitoba, with select ingredients from the land and sea.

Immerse yourself in the culture of the north

No winter trip to Churchill, Manitoba is complete without engaging in some of the local attractions and cultures. Enter Dave Daley, renowned musher and owner of Wapusk Adventures. Drawing from his Metis heritage, an excursion with Dave Daley of Wapusk Adventures includes interpretive programming on all things dog sledding as well as an opportunity to meet the team and feel the adrenaline on a wind-swept ride around the scenic property.

Another must-have experience included on Frontiers North’s itinerary is a snowshoeing program led by a local guide. Strap on these traditional modes of transport and trek across Precambrian rock, through the boreal forest and along the frozen shores of the Hudson Bay.

To view the full itinerary and learn more about Frontiers North’s Northern Lights and Winter Nights Enthusiast adventure, visit here.

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