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New Year, New Style: 6 Fashion Resolutions to Take On in 2019

It's January 9, and if you're still on track with your New Year's resolutions so far, kudos. For those whose "work out every day" pledges didn't last longer than week one, on the other hand, we're with ya, and we've got something to soothe the pain. Behold, style resolutions...much easier, more fun, and still transformational. Get shopping.

Resolution: Embrace color.

Yes, neutrals are so easy, but we want to go bold this year. Think splashy pops of tangerine and the brightest of blues.


Resolution: Keep up with trends.

Been flaunting the same look for the past few years? Get on board with this season’s biggest hits: wide-leg cargo pants (yep, the utility look is in again), bold brown frames (because everyone is over those teeny ones from last summer), and bike shorts (seriously, they’re going to be everywhere this spring).


Resolution: Dress more professionally.

Whether you just entered the workforce or want to rebrand yourself in your current corporate office environment, these pieces will help you look the part.

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Resolution: Invest in timeless classics.

Trend fiends, this one’s for you—you’ll appreciate having high-quality classics in your wardrobe once you’re sick of whatever’s new at Zara.


Resolution: Shop ethical brands.

As convenient as fast fashion can be, we’re trying to support companies that do better for the earth and their employees.

Resolution: Stop playing it safe.

One of the best parts about fashion is how much fun you can have with it. The bolder, the better, baby.


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