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Jetsetter Has Some Exciting Changes You Should Know About

Hey there, Jetsetters. So you’ve read about the recent changes to our site and want to know more? Here, the answers to your burning questions...

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When will you stop taking direct bookings?

Starting Tuesday, August 1st, you’ll no longer be able to book hotels on our website (although we’ll show you where to find the best rates). You can book on our mobile app up until the end of August.

What about the Ipad app?

We’re removing it from the store at the end of July, so visit us on mobile or web!

What happens if I have a booking already? Is it still valid?

Of course it is. We wouldn’t do that to you. If you’ve already booked a hotel on Jetsetter and have a confirmation email, then start packing your bags!

Where can I find details of my booking?

Simply log on to your member profile and you’ll find all the deets for your upcoming trip. Questions? Feel free to contact our customer service team; they’ll sort everything out stat.

Can I still find and book hotels on JS?

Yes! So happy you asked, because actually, we’re making it even easier for you to find the best prices on our curated hotel collection by offering you rates from a range of trusted partners. With one click, we’ll send you off to complete your booking.

What do I do with my Jetsetter gift card?

Step 1. Don’t panic. If you have unused or unclaimed gift cards on your account, contact with your name, gift card amount and account email address (if different from the one you are emailing from) for further instructions.

What other travel info will I be able to find on your site?

We’re not giving up what we do best—gorgeous destination photos, which you can save to your Wanderlist; expert hotel reviews; insightful guides and stories to places both near and far-flung; trusted travel tips; and must-have products to pack for your next getaway.



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