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22 Natural Wonders and Iconic Views We Can’t Get Enough Of

Since rolling out our new Photo Search feature, the Jetsetter team has been knees-deep in 150,000+ gorgeous travel images, curating Wanderlists that pull together some of the world's most inspiring destinations. Here, we hit the jackpot with 22 insane photos that spotlight just a fraction of the natural wonders and iconic views on offer in the United States alone.

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From the surreal sandstone caves of Antelope Canyon, Arizona to the verdant seaside cliffs of Molokai, Hawaii, the United States harbors some of the world’s most staggering sceneries around. Looking to get lost in the great outdoors or maybe find some inspo for your next great adventure? Let’s go.

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Natural wonders Offbeat Scenic views valley color canyon Nature red indoor person close up organ hand sunlight formation human body
Countryside Landmarks national park Natural wonders Nature Offbeat Scenic views western sky outdoor geological phenomenon canyon cloud reflection morning landscape mountain Coast Sea dusk dawn clouds colored
Natural wonders Offbeat Scenic views Trip Ideas valley Nature canyon mountain outdoor geographical feature landform natural environment rock badlands wadi landscape geology Desert aeolian landform wood formation plateau
Offbeat outdoor grass habitat mammal herd field horse animal pasture mountain steppe natural environment grassland mare fauna ecosystem mustang horse grazing group brown prairie Wildlife plain landscape horse like mammal savanna
field grass Natural wonders Nature Offbeat Scenic views sky trees wildflowers tree outdoor sheep habitat wilderness natural environment ecosystem pasture plant mountain meadow temperate coniferous forest land plant Forest flower prairie temperate broadleaf and mixed forest biome ridge woodland grass family wildflower mountain range conifer spruce plateau wetland flowering plant tundra fir
Natural wonders Offbeat Scenic views outdoor tree sky habitat mountainous landforms Nature mist Fog atmospheric phenomenon geographical feature weather wilderness natural environment Forest mountain cloud morning hill woody plant haze sunlight mountain range snow dawn ridge meadow spring day hillside
Hotels Natural wonders Offbeat Road Trips Scenic views Trip Ideas tree sky outdoor flower plant bluebonnet lupin flora meadow land plant wildflower field flowering plant english lavender prairie lavender woodland purple surrounded Garden
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Natural wonders Offbeat Scenic views grass mountain outdoor Nature highland mountainous landforms geographical feature landform atmospheric phenomenon wilderness geological phenomenon mountain range fell cloud hill loch plateau landscape mist rural area ridge mountain pass alps hillside lush spring
Natural wonders Offbeat Scenic views mountain outdoor water Nature rock landform geographical feature cliff Coast Sea bay terrain rocky background fjord cape stack formation cove islet material surrounded hillside Island distance
animals calm grass Greenery horses isolation Mountains Nature Offbeat Outdoors remote Scenic views serene Wildlife mountain sky outdoor grazing mountainous landforms habitat field pasture geographical feature wilderness grassland natural environment herd ecosystem tree hill plain fell green rock landscape plateau rural area meadow mountain range valley cattle grassy national park hillside lush highland
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Adventure Country Forest Glamping Luxury Travel Mountains Offbeat Rustic Scenic views Trip Ideas Wellness grass outdoor sky tree mountainous landforms Nature wilderness reflection field Lake loch mountain River cloud reservoir mountain range morning hill valley landscape rural area aerial photography pond grassy panorama wetland lush hillside pasture highland
Offbeat flower habitat outdoor field plant yellow natural environment grassland ecosystem flora plain prairie meadow mountain land plant sunflower wildflower flowering plant rapeseed daisy family brassica steppe plateau
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Offbeat outdoor water sky Nature Coast cliff landform geographical feature mountain Sea body of water Ocean terrain fjord cape extreme sport bay wave islet
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Beach Natural wonders Nature Ocean Offbeat Outdoors Scenic views Sunset outdoor water mountain shore Sea Coast body of water horizon cloud morning bay sunrise dawn reflection dusk loch wave sand terrain Lake distance highland

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