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You Can Now Dine Naked in London

What draws patrons to a pop-up like moths to a flame? Apparently, the option to dine in the buff.

If you’ve been searching for a place to let it all hang out (literally), then The Bunyadi was made with you in mind.

London’s premiere pop-up naked restaurant – which opens its doors in June – came hot out the gates last week and racked up a waiting list of 26,600+ interested customers in just a few days.

So how does it work? You enter fully clothed and swap your garb for a restaurant-approved robe. From there, you can hang tight in the "clothed" room or embrace the au naturel ethos and get b-tt naked in the "pure" room. Either way, you’ll rub elbows with diners like never before.

As for the food (do we really care?) – everything is handmade, flame-grilled and natural (with vegan and non-vegan tasting menus). And forget smartphones, electric lighting and slick furniture. Bunyadi is all about a no-frills, laid-back vibe, with bamboo partitions and candlelight.

The pop-up taps out at 42 diners and is only open for three-months – so we DARE you to get your name on the list. Because you only live once, people.

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