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10 Most Instagrammed Places of 2017

Recently, Instagram released its 2017 Year in Review, divulging all the trends—from Beyoncé to Doug the Pug, and memes to nature photography—that its 800-million-plus community shared on the platform en masse. Here, we take a look at one trend in particular: the most instagrammed places of the year.

A Brooklyn-based writer and editor, Chelsea's work has appeared in Matador Network, The Huffington Post, the TripAdvisor blog, and more. When not planning her next trip, you'll usually find her drinking way too much iced coffee (always iced—she’s from New England) or bingeing a Netflix original series.

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1. Disneyland, Anaheim, USA

2. Times Square, New York City, USA

3. Central Park, New York City, USA

4. Tour Eiffel, Paris, France

5. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

6. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, USA

7. Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

8. Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, USA

9. Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, USA

1o. Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA

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