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The Lobbyist at the Maritime Hotel

In Jetsetter's new video style series The Lobbyist, we visit the world's most fashionable hotels and ask guests how they travel in style. Here are excerpts from our interviews with stylish lobby visitors at our first stop: The Maritime Hotel in New York City

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Name: Julie Hometown: Los Angeles, California Her packing ritual: "I pick tops and bottoms that are easy to mix and match, and I never check luggage. I used to roll my clothes when I was an overpacker, but now I've got it down to a science, so I just fold." On her look: "I think my outfit is part rock and roll, part Xena Warrior Princess." Watch the entire Lobbyist video

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Name: Rick Originally From: Upstate New York On his jewelry: "I design my own jewelry. I usually have a ring on every finger. This one is a lion ring with a door knocker based on buildings in the Financial District. I get a lot of inspiration from architecture." Favorite hotel amenity: "A gym, preferably with a sauna to detox because you know you're gonna party when you're traveling." Watch the entire Lobbyist video

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Names: Sophie and Mary Hometowns: Copenhagen, Denmark and Ocean City, Maryland Where Sophie Wants to Travel Next "Definitely Cuba, but I haven't planned it yet." Mary's Travel Must-Have: "Mascara is my thing. If the house is on fire, I'm not going out there without it." Watch the entire Lobbyist video

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Name: Bex Hometown: Boulder, Colorado On her outfit: "My outer layer is a ground score I got at an after party. Two years later I found out it actually belonged to a friend, but they let me keep it. I got my dress in Cape Town, and the tie die cardigan I picked up in Boulder." Watch the entire Lobbyist video

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Name: Roxana Hometown: Montreal, Canada Languages spoken: "I'm fluent in French, English, Italian, Romanian and German." Packing ritual: "I start packing a long time in advance and always start with shoes, because then I know how much space I have left for everything else." Watch the entire Lobbyist video

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Name: Charlotte Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Favorite Hotel Amenity: "Pools! I don't have one at home so I always like to go for a dip." Toughest Packing Decision: "What pair of boots to bring. I'm pretty methodical about it." Watch the entire Lobbyist video



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