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Travel Tips

How to Plan a Last-Minute Vacation

So you got bit by the travel bug and need to GTFO for a few days. Don’t let the stress of scheduling keep you from your much deserved R&R. Read on for your ultimate guide to last-minute planning, so you can be on vacation mode in no time.

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Choose your destinations wisely

Sure, far-flung locations are appealing, but remember to research before you hit the road. Many places require a visa and recommend immunizations, both of which could take months to obtain. Also, make sure your passport isn’t about to expire, or you could be stuck stateside.

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Check Twitter for recent deals

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Twitter is a prime place to look for low fares on flights. For loyal JetBlue customers, JetBlue Cheeps offers weekly updates on bargain-bin prices. Meanwhile, Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal are great all-around sources for finding steals, both internationally and in the U.S.

Bus on a budget

Spontaneous trips don’t have to break the bank. Hop a seat on a Megabus, which travels through 34 states (plus D.C.) city-to-city for as little as $1. The low cost and free Wi-Fi are enough to get us going, and there’s even a Megabus USA app for smooth sailing.

Find hotel rooms on the fly

To avoid having to crash in a crappy motel, check out flash sale sites for discounts. Jetsetter has an array of daily deals, from stylish stays to luxury resorts. We suggest looking into an all-inclusive hotel, which is like one-stop-shopping for restaurants, activities and entertainment. Or, if a quick, one-night staycation will do the trick, Hotel Tonight’s handy app is a go-to.

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Reserve a table

We’ve all been there: You’re getaway is booked, but everything’s taken on Opentable. Enter Table8 Dining Club. The app has serious perks like exclusive access to last-minute, prime-time reservations and priority seating at popular restaurants across 12 cities including New York, LA, New Orleans and more. So long, waitlists!

Let a local give you the tour

Throw the destination guidebooks out the window and let Jetzy lead the way. The app connects nomads with locals to share trip tips and recommendations on hidden gems (based on your interests, of course). Think of it as the Tinder of traveling — minus that awkward meet-up and the horrid hangover. Bonus: The more active your account is, the more points you’ll earn that can be cashed in for future trips, meals and products.

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