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The JS Editors’ Ideal Spring Airport Outfits

With more than a few trips under their collective belt, the editors at Jetsetter have become inadvertent airport outfit experts. Here, everything they wear for spring travels, from simple tees and stretchy jeans, to sporty-sleek sneaks and classic denim jackets.

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Gretchen Moosbrugger, Photo Editor

I have a few simple guidelines that I try to stick to when it comes to airport style. Number one—always dress in layers so you can be prepared for a range of temperatures. Rebecca Taylor’s utility jacket is a perfect lightweight layer for spring. Two—go with a carry-on whenever possible. I’ve had my eye on Madewell’s timeless weekend bag for a while now; it’s large enough to fit all your necessities but still small enough that you won’t have to worry about checking it. Three—wear the items that take up the most space. I love to travel with Isabel Marant boots, they’re comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and wearing them en route saves invaluable space in my luggage. Last but not least, keep comfort in mind! A pair of Levis and a classic striped tee are great for spring travel, and easily topped off with a pair of Ray-Bans when I’ve reached my (hopefully) sunny destination.

Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

I like to look stylish but comfortable at the airport. This dress is perfect because it’s light and easy, but I still look somewhat polished when I hop off the flight. I hate air conditioning, so a good jacket is key and cozy flats are a must—this pair from Vince are my go-to.

Lindsey Olander, Editor

Spring is all about shedding those winter layers and busting out cheerier hues. Since the weather is warming up—but not quite hot enough to bare skin—whenever I’m traveling, I stick to comfortable pieces that transition well between seasons. Loose, ankle-length jeans and a fun top that covers my elbows keep me cool under the sun but warm enough in flight, and sneakers that pair well with pretty much anything (like these Adidas Superstars) make for an easily put together outfit. Makeup is my enemy on the go, so a pair of aviators does wonders for hiding my tired eyes while still saying, “I’m headed somewhere glamorous.”

David Hattan, Photo Editor

When I have to go to the airport I’m all about being comfortable, so I’m usually dressed head-to-toe in athleisure wear. A medium weight hoodie, slim fit joggers, lightweight tennis shoes, and a hat for my unwashed hair are essential when I’m flying. I’m notorious for wearing a lot of black, even in spring, so I throw on a light wash denim jacket to stay current with the warmer season. Plus, it goes with everything in my suitcase.

Chelsea Stuart, Editor

Regardless of season, my airport outfit maximizes on comfort and convenience. I always travel with my Fjallraven Kanken backpack as it’s ultra-lightweight and doesn’t hurt my back no matter how much I overstuff it. I also always bring a scarf to use as a blanket on the plane; in spring, I usually go for a woven cotton and silk one that’s easy to stuff in my bag but also light enough to wear out. As much as I envy those traveling in joggers, I just can’t pull off that look, so I opt for comfortable skinnies, paired with a simple V-neck tee, a classic jean jacket, and sporty (but sleek) sneaks for a laid-back, minimalist look.

Anita Ng, Photo Editor

When traveling to the airport my focus is first on comfort, then style, then functionality. A crisp white blouse is timeless and I love joggers because while they’re relaxed, adding a cuff at the ankles instantly sets a more polished tone. A crossbody bag is preferable for easy access to all my travel documents—passport and boarding pass, but most importantly, my snacks. One thing I can’t forget is a casual but chic cap to hide the stress that air travel shows on my hair and face.

Kelsey Blodget, Senior Executive Editor

My ideal spring airport outfit maximizes comfort, versatility, and light colors. I’m obsessed with these ankle tie pants in the ivory and navy stripe pattern — they are as comfortable as pajama pants, but look like breezy resort wear. They’re the perfect go between for those of us leaving a gray, drizzly Northeast for sunnier climates —you won’t freeze to death on the way to the airport, but won’t look out of place when you step off the plane, either. They pair perfectly with a cute pink Topshop tee and gray fringe hem cardigan, and you can never go wrong with a pair of neutral espadrille flats. The crowning touch? A big, fun beach bag cute enough to double as a purse.

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