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I Tried This All-Natural Jet Lag Remedy, and I’ll Never Fly Without It Again

In preparation for a recent trip overseas, JS editor Jackie Homan discovered a new flying must-have: a jet lag remedy that really works.

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I’m no newbie when it comes to flying—I’ve got the travel pillow, the compression socks, the perfect plane sweater, the mini facial fist. But despite my arsenal of equipment, there’s one issue I seem to face every time I take to the sky: jet lag.

Earlier this month, I found myself on the brink of a five-day getaway to Finland. After landing in Helsinki, I’d be off and running to pack in a full day of walking tours, sauna visits, and multi-course dinners. Of course, try as I might, I found it impossible to sleep on the plane.

This time, though, I came prepared with a new find: Jet Set Natural. This all-natural supplement comes with two components—two “Jet” pills to be taken during the flight to promote healthy sleep and boosted immunity, and two “Set” pills to take upon arrival to provide balanced energy and sharpened focus.

Jet Set natural jet-lag remedy to take on a plane

Call it the placebo effect, but minutes after popping the first two in my mouth, my arms felt heavier, my mind calmer, my eyes sleepier. I drifted off. When the plane landed, I woke up ready to take on the day—8 a.m. Helsinki time, 2 a.m. New York time. I made it through hours of walking, talking, shopping, and dining, and truly felt like I had—somehow—fully adjusted to the time change.

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By the afternoon, though, the skip in my step turned into more of a shuffle. I fought to keep my eyes open during the car ride to dinner, then suddenly felt my head jerk upwards and wondered how long it had been drooping. Rifling through my tote for my water bottle, I felt my hand brush against the package and remembered the ammo I’d stashed inside: the “Set” capsules, which I’d forgotten to take and now desperately needed. After washing them down with a swig of water, I resolved to perk up, and the rest of the night felt sharp and in focus.

When we fly across time zones, we disrupt our natural circadian rhythm. Instead of relying on melatonin and caffeine, the ingredients in Jet Set Natural—relaxers like valerian root and chamomile in “Jet,” energizers like rhodiola and vitamin B6 in “Set”—work to address the symptoms that result from that disruption, according to board-certified sleep specialist Eric Gentry, MD, who founded the company with his son. 

Taking the supplements won’t cure you entirely of jet lag—that’s not scientifically possible—but they do give you an energy boost each day and a wind-down each night. On my second night in Finland, I was wide-awake at bedtime once again, but not for long. Luckily, the product comes with two doses.

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