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Damsel in Dior’s Jacey Duprie Chats with JS About Travel, Style, and Her New Collection

As founder and editor of fashion and lifestyle blog Damsel in Dior, Jacey Duprie is well-versed in travel style—she frequently offers tips, guides, and destination inspo to her community of nearly 500,000 followers and fans. This month, she brought all that experience to life through a capsule clothing collection in collaboration with The Odells, the LA-based label known for its effortless-chic sensibility. Jetsetter chatted with Jacey for the scoop on how the project came to life, her favorite styles of the moment, and all the must-visit places on her radar now.

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How did you get started in fashion?

I’ve always loved playing dress-up, and one of my first jobs was working at my aunt’s boutique in Chicago during college. At the time, Sex and the City was wildly popular and her store carried all of the brands from the show. That was the first time I realized that just putting on the right dress could completely transform your mood.

How did your collaboration with The Odells come about? Was there anything that inspired your designs?

My husband and I have been friends of The Odells and fans of their brand for a long time; collaborating on a travel-inspired collection together was a fun way to express our shared love of the outdoors. My husband’s family sail boat provided the original creative direction for the collection—I wanted to make timeless pieces that we could wear on our trips. I’m always the most inspired by the ocean. There’s something really freeing about being out on the water with the sails up.

Are there any new trends you’re currently eyeing that you tried to incorporate into your collection?

I’m not one to take on every trend “of the moment,” but I like to incorporate little pops into my wardrobe. The navy blue print stood out to me because it infuses a touch of India (which is where we sourced the fabric) into the collection and provides an aesthetic element that is very relevant and on-trend right now.

Jacey Duprey in the sahara desert morocco

What travel destinations are currently on your radar?

I’ve been dying to go to India for a long time. I’m also itching to go back to Morocco and spend more time exploring. Other destinations on my radar: Isla Holbox, Botswana, New Zealand.

Any great packing tips? What are your must-haves for your carry-on? 

Always pack two days before your trip, and the night before remove anything that’s a duplicate. For example, you only need one pair of flats, not three. I always keep a notebook and pen in my carry-on because I love making lists on flights—traveling gives me the creative bug to write. Other essentials in my carry-on:

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Damsel in Dior / Jacey Duprie

Do you have a favorite hotel in the world?

Il San Pietro di Positano!


Platform LA
Store at Platform LA

You live and work out of LA—what are your favorite spots in the city?

I’m a big fan of Platform in Culver City, and lunch at Roberta’s is a must. I also love shopping on Melrose Place and, when it’s a nice weekend, we love Manhattan Beach.

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What’s your best piece of travel advice?

When traveling alone, one must always be listening to a good playlist with earphones in. The entire airport experience is much more pleasant when you have music playing. Also, never board a flight without back-up entertainment options or something to do. Many times (more often than not!) the wifi will be broken or there won’t be screens, so you don’t want to be stuck between LA and Paris with absolutely nothing to do. Show up to the airport with plenty of time so you aren’t stressed. I always dress up for flights because traveling should be fun! Your outfit sets the mood for your day, traveling or not. If traveling internationally, you can change into PJs after you board the flight for a cozier journey.

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