Trip Ideas outdoor big cat mammal animal Lion black and white vertebrate fauna dog breed group mane Wildlife monochrome photography big cats cat like mammal monochrome sketch roar drawing
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Ever Wonder What You’ll See on Safari?

These scenes from the Rainbow Nation look even better in black and white.

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Travel to South Africa’s eastern borders, to Kruger National Park and its adjacent private game reserves, and you’ll find a vast, diverse terrain of riverine forest, rolling grassland, and marula tree-dotted bush home to some of the world’s most inspiring animals. The regal Transvaal lion, the wary African leopard, the wise bush elephant—wildlife and photography lovers around the world fly to the continent just to catch a glimpse of these larger-than-life creatures in their dwindling natural habitat. If you ever wondered why a safari tops ultimate bucket lists, these captures of animals in their raw forms, without the distraction of color or context, might help show you.

All photos were taken in South Africa’s Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

Trip Ideas big cat animal mammal leopard black and white vertebrate fauna cat like mammal big cats monochrome Wildlife monochrome photography
elephant Trip Ideas animal outdoor indian elephant standing mammal black and white vertebrate elephants and mammoths fauna adult monochrome monochrome photography baby Family
Trip Ideas outdoor elephant tree black black and white white photograph animal monochrome photography photography bovine monochrome standing darkness close up light mammal trunk emotion closeup close day
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Trip Ideas grass outdoor field animal Lion mammal big cat black and white vertebrate fauna laying mane monochrome photography Wildlife monochrome big cats cat like mammal savanna Dog
Trip Ideas mammal animal big cat Lion looking black and white staring vertebrate black fauna nose whiskers close close up monochrome photography mane monochrome head cat like mammal snout big cats Wildlife closeup eyes distance
Trip Ideas grass outdoor field animal mammal Lion black and white vertebrate laying fauna Wildlife big cat grassy big cats cat like mammal monochrome photography monochrome Safari herd open Dog lush
Trip Ideas rhinoceros animal outdoor ground mammal cow field black and white fauna Wildlife monochrome monochrome photography Safari pasture
Trip Ideas outdoor grass rhinoceros animal mammal field tree black and white standing fauna Wildlife monochrome photography monochrome cattle like mammal grassy pasture
Trip Ideas animal mammal looking big cat Lion black and white vertebrate fauna mane nose cat like mammal whiskers big cats staring roar black monochrome photography monochrome sketch drawing head close
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Trip Ideas grass big cat animal mammal outdoor cheetah field black and white vertebrate Wildlife fauna standing whiskers monochrome photography cat like mammal monochrome tall small to medium sized cats
Trip Ideas tree outdoor big cat animal mammal grass black and white fauna standing monochrome photography Wildlife monochrome cat like mammal branch big cats cheetah trunk
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Trip Ideas tree outdoor sky habitat Nature black and white atmospheric phenomenon monochrome photography monochrome photography cloud weather plant field Winter Forest darkness woody plant rural area landscape branch mist pasture surrounded
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hyena Trip Ideas tree outdoor animal black and white black mammal standing darkness looking photography monochrome photography monochrome screenshot big cat staring

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