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8 Essential Products for Packing a Suitcase

Vacation planning can be stressful; packing shouldn’t be. Here are the products our editors swear by to get the job done—plus, our best tips on how to make the most of limited suitcase space.

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Charcoal Deodorizer Freshner Bag

Does your luggage smell like shoes and sweaty gym clothes? Fix the problem with this activated bamboo charcoal deodorizer. It kills bacteria, absorbs odor, and blocks excess moisture, so you won’t feel the need to apologize the next time a customs official rummages through your luggage. JS tip: Pack your shoes in handbag dusters to keep dirty soles separate from the rest of your belongings.

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Casper & Coal Travel Cosmetic Bag

Most dopp kits take up an excessive amount of space in your suitcase. But not this compact, drawstring-style cosmetic bag, which will hold your products comfortably in place without crowding your luggage. JS tip: We like to stash small must-haves (floss, vitamins, toothpaste) in a TSA-friendly grab bag—like this one from Sephora—so we’re never far from our essentials.

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Space Saver Bags

Overpackers, this one’s for you. These nifty space saver bags compress your clothes so you can fit up to 300% more in your suitcase. To use, simply pack, close, and roll; you don’t need a vacuum to suck out the air.

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Tarriss Luggage Lock

If you’re traveling with valuables or special occasion wear, you’ll want to invest in the Tarriss Luggage Lock, which can be unlocked and then relocked by TSA agents without having to be clipped—and features a SearchAlert indicator, which changes color if it's been tampered with.

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Grid-It Gadget Organizer

This organizing grid keeps your MacBook laptop and Mac accessories in one place. We love the elastic sleeves, which stretch to accommodate bulkier items such as power adapters.

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Jet Bag Reusable Padded Absorbent Bottle Bags

This padded, zip-sealed bottle carrier gives new meaning to the acronym BYOB. It gently cradles your wine bottle and—in the case of accidental breakage—rapidly absorbs the spill, keeping your clothing and other belongings stain-free. JS tip: Pack bubble wrap in case you want to bring home a few extra bottles.

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ALPS Mountaineering Compression Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack

This compression sack is a must-buy for the outdoorsman. It shrinks bulky items like sleeping bags or puffy jackets, so you won’t have to pay to transport your items in a separate suitcase.

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Camry Luggage Scale

Say bye-bye to luggage fees with this nifty digital luggage scale. Writes one thankful Amazon customer: “I bought this just before leaving to India. Trust me, it is truly a life saver.” Sold? Us too!

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