What to wear in NYC this fall

How to Dress for New York in the Fall

While we’re currently still battling the September sun, the late fall months are sneaking up. So we’ll soon have to deal with our annual fashion conundrum: what to wear for the fall weather in NYC. The temps become fickle (read: chilly in the morning, sporadically hot in the afternoon, suddenly cold again, and oh, is that rain or hail in the distance?), but we still don’t want to sacrifice style — after all, it’s often considered the most fashion-forward season of the year. With that in mind, we developed the ultimate outfit recipe. Below, choose from each category to build the perfect NYC fall ensemble.


First up: a cozy sweater. You can’t go wrong with a turtleneck, and we’re loving fun pink colors this season — they’re a fresh spin on the oranges and reds that usually dominate this time of year.


A good pair of denim is a New York staple. Whether you go classic or opt for a funkier pair, jeans are the perfect base for any outfit.


In times of confusing weather, it’s wise to layer up. Throw a medium-weight jacket on top of your sweater, and you’re ready for anything.


High heels might look stylish with your outfit, but if you’re planning to be out and about, we’d recommend something comfier. Try ankle boots, cool sneakers, or a low block heel to make it through the day blister-free.


Ditch the tiny purse, and choose a roomy tote or bucket bag for a day in the city. Or, to make a statement, go for a colorful belt bag — you’ll be hands-free and totally on trend.


Make the look your own with lots of accessories. Sunglasses are a must, scarves are great for transitional weather, and other fun touches will add some excitement for a long day in the city.


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