Check into a Robot Hotel

Attention, people: Robots are taking over the world. From hotel concierges and bartenders to luggage handlers and room attendants, here's a sneak peak of the machine revolution across the globe.

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The Robot Hotel Helpers: Henn-na Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan

Look a little closer at that woman checking you in…she’s beautiful, yes, but she’s also not human! The just opened Henn-na Hotel has a cadre of robot receptionists handling a multitude of tasks, from cleaning your room to charging your credit card. But that's only the beginning: a facial recognition system allows you to enter your suite without keys, a robot stores your baggage, and another robot sporting a bow-tie⎯this one the spitting image of a velociraptor⎯acts as the concierge. Things just got really weird.


The Robot Cruise Ship Bartender: Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean is billing its newly launched billion-dollar vessel Quantum of the Seas as the world's smartest cruise ship. It has a lofted 360-degree viewing platform, virtual balconies in the interior cabins, and a skydiving simulator. But robo-holics are boarding for one reason, only: the two robot bartenders in the ship's Bionic Bar. Known as B1-0 and N1-C, they can mix two drinks per minute. The best part? They won't be offended if you don't tip.

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The Robot Luggage Handler: YOTEL, New York, New York

NYC is now home to a little something called the YOBOT: a robotic luggage handler and storage service who? which? keeps its watchful eye on up to 150 bags at Midtown’s Yotel. When you're ready to pick up your belongings, simply scan your ticket, stand back, and wait ⎯Yobot has you covered.

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The Robot Room Attendant: Aloft Cupertino, California

The Aloft Cupertino is as high-tech as they come (not surprising given the hotel is just a short drive from the Apple headquarters). Starting this month, along with ensuite Apple TVs and lighting-fast Wi-Fi, guests get something extra when they ask for a spare toothbrush or towel: a three-foot-tall robot named Botlr to deliver the goods to your room. If all goes well, Starwood plans to roll out the little guy in more than 100 properties around the globe within the next year (Call it the bot boom).

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The Robot Restaurant: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

If you think Vegas has bright lights, you haven’t seen anything yet. Tokyo’s high-octane Robot Restaurant is a 13-year-old boy's dream come to life: think life-size transformers, scantily clad women dancing, flying ninjas and a remote controlled, neon-lit snake so large it nearly fills the room. Take in the show while sipping flights of sake, and remember to abide by the dress code (no sunglasses, no wigs and no costumes).

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