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15 Epic Wilderness Shots We Found Using Photo Search

Last week, we introduced Jetsetter's latest tool – Photo Search. Now, we're digging a little deeper to show you just what you can find, starting with our most stunning wilderness images.

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Snow-capped Canadian Rockies summits, frozen over streams, and mile after mile of rugged forrest in Banff National Park. Dramatic waterfalls, sweeping meadows, and glacier-fed lakes in Jasper National Park. Towering, old-growth Douglas-firs, backcountry camping spots, and dazzling tree-filtered sunsets in Redwood National Park. These are just a few of the jaw-dropping images you’ll find (spoiler: there are thousands) when you run "wilderness" through our new Photo Search.

sky snow mountain outdoor mountainous landforms Nature mist atmospheric phenomenon reflection landform geographical feature wilderness water Fog weather morning mountain range Lake sunlight cloud loch hill River sunrise dawn landscape valley reservoir clouds day

Island Lake Conservation Area

outdoor snow tree sky mountainous landforms Winter wilderness mountain weather geological phenomenon mountain range season Nature Adventure backpacking walking Lake ridge alps vehicle ice stream hiking slope
tree outdoor Nature Waterfall wilderness body of water water Forest water feature trail ravine walking wood park wooded Adventure cliff rainforest stream terrain hillside

L-R, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park

tree outdoor ground habitat wilderness body of water River water Lake Forest vehicle Raft
Travel Tips Trip Ideas tree outdoor habitat grass Forest Nature woodland natural environment wilderness vegetation geographical feature plant old growth forest ecosystem botany grove temperate broadleaf and mixed forest leaf temperate coniferous forest park woody plant wood biome rainforest autumn deciduous stream wooded flower pond area surrounded lush
tree Trip Ideas outdoor habitat Nature natural environment plant botany Forest woody plant leaf rainforest rural area Jungle flower Garden wood surrounded
tree outdoor habitat vegetation Forest Nature natural environment plant geographical feature old growth forest woodland wilderness rainforest atmospheric phenomenon green ecosystem flora botany temperate broadleaf and mixed forest sunlight temperate coniferous forest Jungle leaf woody plant biome branch deciduous autumn spruce wooded lush

Redwood National Park

tree outdoor sky mountain mountainous landforms mountain range wilderness landform tepee ecosystem alps park Adventure mountain pass valley plateau Lake backpacking ridge national park walking cirque Forest surrounded

Alberta, Canada

Hotels Trip Ideas tree outdoor mountain sky Lake wilderness conifer Nature mountain range fjord walking Forest hillside

Banff National Park

snow outdoor mountain sky mountainous landforms Nature mountain range landform geographical feature wilderness ridge weather geological phenomenon covered Winter alps mountain pass Adventure plateau valley backpacking walking cirque geology moraine summit terrain mountaineering hillside highland

Bugaboo Provincial Park

grass tree outdoor mountainous landforms wilderness transport mountain track Forest rural area mountain pass trail mountain range meadow vehicle ridge wood wooded lush highland
tree outdoor mountainous landforms Nature mountain wilderness valley ecosystem canyon woody plant mountain range Forest trail Adventure ridge Lake terrain autumn hillside

L-R, Jasper National Park and Banff National Park

tree outdoor habitat wilderness natural environment building Forest botany tree house woodland rainforest Jungle outdoor structure trail flower Garden plant wood area wooded surrounded

Treehouse Point, Issaquah, Washington

sky outdoor tree mountain mountainous landforms snow building mountain range wilderness rock alps tourism ridge mountain pass trail rural area house valley hill backpacking walking barn hiking national park farm building slope hillside

British Columbia

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