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JS Editors Share Their Life-Saving Remedies for the Road

Every traveler has one. That never-leave-the-house-without-it item that keeps you refreshed/grounded/happy/relaxed while traveling. Here our editors share the one thing they never forget to pack.

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Bose Headphones

These[ ]()headphones may be pricey but they are so worth the splurge. I can drown out every crying baby, loud cellphone talker and coughing fit on a plane. And the sound quality for listening to music and watching movies is incredible. My only problem with them is that they often mysteriously end up in my husband's bag.

- Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

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Celine Sunglasses

I absolutely love road trips and there are a few things that I’ve learned are absolutely essential. I always make sure to be prepared with many playlists and podcasts, water, and ginger chews in case of motion sickness, and most important, sunnies. This cute pair from Celine have lasted forever and they're perfect for a long drive (or a long nap in the passenger seat).

- Gretchen Moosbrugger, Photo Editor

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Fruit of the Earth Moisturizer

I always carry Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream—no matter how short my trip. I have exceptionally dry skin and the moisturizer (infused with vitamin E, aloe, and sunflower seed oil) leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Though it’s advertised as an anti-aging cream (it minimizes fine lines), I’ve personally found that it reduces red spots and helps clear up breakouts—major bonuses in my book.

- Chelsea Stuart, Editor

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Po Chai Herbal Supplement

Ill let you in on a little secret: I am a big believer in this magical herbal supplement for curing stomach issues, from car nausea to food poisoning. When I was younger, my mother would pack a couple of vials for the road and give them to me when I didn't feel so hot. Within minutes, whatever discomfort I had would subside or disappear completely.

- Anita Ng, Photo Editor

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Karuna Clarifying Face Mask

Airplane air always does a number on my super-reactive skin, so I try to do a hydrating mask whenever I land. Right now I’m loving this sheet mask. It's so refreshing and easy to pack.

– Elizabeth Mullen, Marketing Associate

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Tiger Balm

I must’ve been living under a rock the past 20 years of my life, but a friend recently introduced me to Tiger Balm during a challenging week of trekking in eastern Africa and I don’t think I could have survived without it. Dab a bit on your chest or beneath your nose to instantly cure nausea, on your temples to combat headaches, and anywhere your muscles feel especially achy and stiff. Now, I don’t leave the house without a jar on my person.

- Lindsey Olander, Editor

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Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream

Korean skin care products have been trending for a while now, and I am fully on board. This ceramidin cream from Dr. Jart is a lifesaver when I’m traveling. I use few drops of this cream at night and my skin is instantly back to normal no matter what the climate is like where I’m visiting.

- David Hattan, Photo Editor

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