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JS Editors’ Favorite Holiday Gifts to Give & Get

At Jetsetter, we love giving holiday gifts just as much as we love getting them. From the perfect carry on suitcase to a snug pair of slippers, here's everything JS editors can't wait to give and receive for the holidays. Hint, hint.


To Give: The Mini from AWAY

At just $35, these make for the perfect gifts for friends, family, or even colleagues (yeah team, if you’re reading this—the jig is up!)”

To Get: Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I love the vintage look of this Bluetooth speaker. It’s at the top of my list!”

– Molly Steinkrauss, Marketing Manager


To Give: Olio E Osso Balm

“Sometimes you find a product so good you need to share it! This year I plan on giving these luxurious little cheek and lip balms by Olio E Osso. The colors are sheer enough that they manage to flatter all skin types, and they go on incredibly smooth, leaving lips and cheeks soft and moisturized. I’m loving the darker red shades for the ladies, and the clear balm is perfect for guys.”

To Get: Art Books

“Some people might be less than thrilled to receive a book, but I am all about a good read. Last year I was given this book about Georgia O’Keeffe and her amazing homes in New Mexico, which I can (and have) spent hours flipping through. This year I’m eyeing another Georgia book, Living Modern. It’s so nice to get away from a screen once in a while and find inspiration on actual paper pages.”

– Gretchen Dorosz, Senior Photo Editor



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To Give: Lonely Planet Travel Guide

“It’s been a tradition to travel with my family to a warm, tropical place in March to escape the New England winter for a week. My favorite gift to give is a travel guide for that trip—my father particularly takes to these guides and spends the winter reading and marking up the interesting bits. It’s part research and part escapism to get through cold months!”

To Get: See’s Candies

“I absolutely love it when a large box of See’s chocolates shows up in the mail from one of my West Coast friends. My husband and I spend the winter rationing our chocolate treasure while bingeing shows on Netflix.”

– Kerry Sainato, Product Manager


To Give: Picture Frames

“Personal photographs are some of the most treasured things I own, but most of the photos I take these days just end up staying on a screen.  Framing then becomes a whole separate undertaking. But people love receiving them, and it’s actually pretty easy. Framebridge does the whole thing, and turn around is pretty quick. The frames always look really good too.”

To Get: Lana Pinky Ring

“When I find a piece of jewelry that I love, I wear it continuously for months, and often years. But recently, I’ve been fixating on signet rings. They’re classic and easy, and monograms can be a great way to personalize them. I’ve been eyeing this one from Sarah Chloe X Goop. It’s a great square shape and will look fantastic on my pinkie! Hint dropped.”

– Saman Westberg, Style Correspondent

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To Give: Books from Anthropologie

“I always think it’s nice to gift an artful book or two related to the person’s interests or hobbies—it shows that you’re paying attention to what they like, and you can write a personalized message inside. Anthropologie has a gorgeous selection of high-quality cookbooks and coffee table reads on everything from travel to astrology.”

To Get: Le Kasha Pontavin Cableknit Sweater

“Anything warm and cozy! I can never have too many knit sweaters, fuzzy blankets, or comfy PJs around the holidays.”

– Jackie Homan, Editorial Assistant


To Give: Bistro Monogram Coaster

“Certain items make people’s wish lists every holiday season, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of trial and error, it’s that everyone loves a personalized gift—especially if it’s practical. These gold-trimmed monogram coasters from Anthropologie are beautiful to look at and to use, and can be bought as individual stocking stuffers or as a set.”

To Get: Cameron Street Flock Roses Lacey Wallet from Kate Spade

“When I find something I love, I use it until it literally begins to fall apart—boots, bags, coats… By December, though, I’m ready to say goodbye and build a whole new wardrobe. That’s why I’ll always get excited about a new wallet. It’s a fresh start to spending (or saving) in the new year. I especially love the black rose detailing on this one from Kate Spade—my go-to brand and color.”

– Lindsey Olander, Editor


To Give: Card Games

“I love finding new card games to give to friends. It might not be the most thoughtful gift, but it will certainly ensure plenty of good laughs and memories in the future.”

To Get: Vinyl Records

“There’s nothing better in the winter than curling up with a hot toddy and listening to a great album. I’m always trying to expand my vinyl collection so I can properly hibernate all winter long. This Kacey Musgraves record is on my list this year.”

– David Hattan, Photo Editor


To Give: A Cozy Pair of Slippers

“I’m all about being warm and cozy over winter, and I think everyone should feel the same! I could literally spend all day hanging around the house in these snug booties.”

To Get: La Mer Moisturizer 

I’m a sucker for good skin care, and you really can’t go wrong with La Mer. The brand is pricey—which is why it’s always on my Christmas list from my husband :)—but it lasts me at least 6 months.”

– Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor


To Give: Scented Candles

I love to give candles for the holidays since scents are so transporting and brighten up the dark winter months. I especially like the ones from Nest, and the Wood Cabin option from Keap, which is made in Brooklyn and uses sustainable, clean burning wax.”

To Get: Brown Sugar Bath & Shower Gel

I love getting anything that smells good and won’t end up collecting dust in the back of the closet! This brown sugar shower gel from Fresh is a great pick.”

– Elizabeth Mullen, Associate Marketing Manager


To Give: Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

I like to give gifts that can serve more than one purpose. These Himalayan salt shot glasses do exactly that. I’m in my early 20s, and most of my friends are moving from home and starting their big kid jobs, so I might as well lend a hand to their home décor while giving them a reason to drink tequila after a long week at work. You’re welcome, guys.”

To Get: Brim Cold Brew Coffee Maker

I’m too tired to explain why I want this Brim Cold Brew Coffee Maker. You get the gist.”

– Tyler Schoeber, Photo Intern


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