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How JS Editors Are Staying Cozy at Home

We're all about that hygge life right now—the looser the clothing, the better! Here's all the cozy essentials our editors are making part of their daily WFH routine.

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Gretchen Dorosz, Senior Photo Editor

“A part of me is enjoying all of this time spent at home—I get to devote time I don’t usually have to new projects and activities—but there are definitely moments when cabin fever sets in. Something that’s helped me get through it is making home as comfy and inviting as possible. This East Fork Pottery candle smells amazing and has been setting the mood for my morning yoga and meditation sessions. In the evenings, doing a mask helps me feel both relaxed and productive. I love the natural and effective ingredients in the masks by Apto Skincare. And of course, comfy clothing is a must. I’m living in leggings and sweaters, but as the weather warms up, I’m being drawn to pieces that are both polished and comfortable. This linen blend top will be great for lounging at home and I can easily dress it up once the time comes.”

Jackie Homan, Style + Travel Editor

“For me, coziness starts with what I’m wearing—I’ve been living in comfy hoodies (profits from this Everlane one go toward Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund) and keeping my hair off my face with silk scrunchies. It’s also about how I’m spending my free time: lots of movie nights, good books, and puzzles are keeping me sane right now.”

Clara Sedlak, Executive Editor

“I’ll admit it: there is nothing I find more comforting right now than a glass of wine at the end of the day, so I make sure to keep my supply full! I’m about to sign up for a club, too. Some great ones are Wine Access and Wine of the Month. I also upped my wine glass game with this Riedel set.”

Lindsey Olander, Senior Editor

“Sitting by a fireplace is coziness at its peak, but since I don’t have one, I’m making do with my nest of blankets and copious amounts of tea. I’m not usually particular about the brand so long as it’s Earl Gray, but I’ve been treating myself to some Harney & Sons and pour it in the biggest mug I can find so I can nurse it all morning long. I bought the book ages ago, but I finally have the time to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell—an epic 800-page novel about two English magicians during the 19th century. It’s dense enough to fill many late-night hours and gets me excited to turn the television off.”

Tyler Schoeber, Production Specialist

“Staying cozy at home for me surpasses sweats and slippers, because that’s all I’ll ever allow myself to wear once I enter my apartment anyway. What’s been really keeping me comfortable and sane are the copious cups of coffee I pour throughout the day with my coffee maker, which is built with self-cleaning powers and coffee strength control. I also wouldn’t get through this without my Marshall wireless headphones. I wake up earlier than my other roommates for work and always feel bad putting the TV on in the living room, so I use them to catch up on the news or listen to my favorite new music as I get stuff done.”

Elizabeth Mullen, Marketing Strategist

“Being at home alone during this pandemic is starting to wear on me, but I’m so grateful that I have an abundance of creature comforts at this time. I’ve ordered a few candles over the past couple of weeks and this Bourbon Vanille one is one of my favorite warm and cozy scents to burn in the evenings. I’ve also been wearing my Allbirds loungers almost every day—my apartment is on the chilly side and they keep my toes nice and toasty. Finally, I’ve been making good use of my Crosley speaker. Playing some background music through an actual speaker versus my laptop has helped set the tone for calm, productive days.”

Melissa Sciorra, Associate Director, SEO + Content Marketing

“I have been living in my wireless bras and bralettes over the past couple of weeks and I (and my ladies) couldn’t be happier. My favorites are the True & Co Wireless Bra and these cute lace bralettes from Amazon. While I work during the day at my kitchen table, which now doubles as a desk between the hours of 9-5, I occasionally catch a chill from being so close to the windows of my apartment, so I’ve been keeping my cashmere travel wrap by my side to throw around my shoulders and wrap around myself when I get cold.”

David Hattan, Photo Editor

“I’ve been trying my best to stay calm, relaxed, and cozy during these insane times so I’ve picked up a few items to help out. This room spray from Aesop smells incredible and helps keep my mind active with its notes of geranium, patchouli, and incense. Since I have so much more free time now I’ve been trying to read more. My roommate let me borrow this book and I’m excited to start it and learn more about the city, since I can’t really go out and experience it for myself right now. And of course no day at home is complete without a big, comfy blanket like this one from Pendleton.”

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